Lingerie Testers Required

All sent!


i might be going blind but i can't see your e mail in your profile :S

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psst sl666: Click the "show more"

apologies! but e mail on its way

I've sent one, I'm very excited about this as I love lingerie and have been thinking it'll be interesting to write an online review.

Us too here's hoping we are picked .e-mail sent in anyway's finger's xx


opps forgot to put my size in the subject area of the email so had re-send it. I really should learn not to try and attempt to write after running....

I sent one, is it ok to apply for the OH to wear? She always helps me write reviews anyways! :)

Have sent!

Lady-J has sent you an email Alice.

And she just reminded me, There's nothing outstanding on HER account so all is well ;) xx

Sorry to but in but is Jade ok Paul ?

Message sent. Hope to be picked

Also sent a message *crosses fingers and toes*

lickmadick wrote:

Sorry to but in but is Jade ok Paul ?

Thats ok Stretch!

She's better today... We agreed that keeping her confidence up will help her to manage her depression.

Sorry Alice for the slight off-topic.

I just emailed.

hope i get something to test because i am funny about buying lingerie from lovehoney as there doesn't seem to be many big girls reviews so hope to do a damn good review to help the larger ladies out there if i get picked!

VW x


Eep! *crosses fingers*

All previous testings have been completed, would love to get something for my OH

we are all up for a bit of that..... lets wait to see what the postman might bring