Little blue pills - do they work?

It's hard to open a newspaper at the moment without seeing an add with a pouting bimbo for "The Original Blue Pills". Every newspaper I pick up seems to have the ad so it must be working... But do the pills work?

The ad itself is very coy about what the pills do, but it says: "We need as many people as possible to experience The Original Blue Pill for themselves, because we know that one you've tried it, you'll be back for more."

So, have you tried it? And did you go back for more?!

Well, Viagra is the drug most people mean when they say "little blue pills". And yes, Viagra does what it says it will for most men who take it -- it makes it easier for them to get erections. It doesn't increase sexual desire or sexual satisfaction, but it does increase a man's ability to get an erection.

well i tried viagra for the first time 3 weks ago and it worked for me i was erect for 12 hours and as randy as a rabbit

I think a lot of these herbal pills do work - and they're safer than Viagra!

From a womans point of view viagra does work and like cyanide said hubby got so randy and the erection feelt a lot harder and longer somehow , dont know weter it was just some kind of placebo effect?
So i suppose we should try the herbal bluies next!
how about a free sample trial?

We have tried the Kamagra variant of Viagra - and does what it says - problem is you can tend to wake up with an erection that as solid as an iron bar. You can get them from internet for a reasonable price

I tried Kamagra as well. Dont expect any miracles like 30 second recovery times, but do expect to maintain an erection much easier.
I am gonn try the herbal blues as well, freebie would be best but 9.99 is cheap enough

Does any one know a cure for Premature Ejaculation - or something to recover quickly for round two?

This Rize 2 stuff is new and is supposed to be able to get you going (again!) quickly:

There's also Golden Root, which is another newish one -- there's one (brief!) review already:

As for premature ejaculation, Durex Play Longer has got a couple of good reviews -- probably worth trying...

Or there's the free (hurrah!) Performa condom sample:

Let us know how you get on!

30 mins of after play should do the trick

I tried Rize 2 (alone) as I thought it might be exciting for our wedding night in a few weeks... I don't know whether it was a coincidence or not but it REALLY didn't agree with me. My eyes went all weird with really bright flashing lights. I don't have any health problems and regularly have my BP and cholesterol checked (I'm only 29), so I don't think it was that... Of course it could just have been some kind of weird passing illness thing, but it was a bit of a coincidence that it came on about an hour after I took it and was gone completely the next morning?

1. Don't ever buy any pharmaceutical product - go and see your GP. Particularly Viagra, which can be very dangerous if used uncontrolled.

2. The very best, again, only on prescription treatment for PE is Caverject. Its an injection! I used to have needle phobia, and injecting my cock took a lot of patient teaching (Mrs is a retired nurse) but the effect is in a different league.

Does anyone know where i can get Rize 2 from having difficulty getting it from the states. Cheers

Hi kamstar sorry if I missed you all these months but if you are still there you can get kamagra from
They are real and they do work. They even give away free samples with other orders. Note People dont give away free samples of fake stuff, cos if it don't work you aint coming back for more. Its got to work or they wasted the postage get it. got it . Good. Personally I don't like the stuff hence I don't use it but then plenty of people do. Hope this is of help to you. P S Golden Root is very good. Check out my reveiw on the ten pack stuff

Come on people! Do u NEED to try the "little blue pills"?!?! Once my boyfriend told me he had taken viagra so that he can stay awake ;-) the whole night and...i lost the whole lust...I got complexes cause: can't i turn him on enough that he needs help for this?!?I think if one's man enough, can handle it without help from chemistry ;-) It's a question of state of mind-u either want it or...u'll want it later...;-)

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