Little help from the ladies

During the past couple weeks, missus has found climaxing difficult, clit going numb when using bullets and struggling to orgasm, anyone experienced this? Is it psychological? She says the sex is great just it goes numb for some reason, we've tried massages and stuff but it seems we're evolving into more kinky sort of stuff to get her off which she's intiating, anal play, light spanking and things but still struggling to get a decent orgasm for her.

My wife had a similar problem . The Wand we has was perhaps too powerful cauisng her to have a numbness sensation . It could be a similar case to what your wifes experiencing. If that is the case you may need to go easy on the toys and perhaps use less poweful ones . If you can narrow it down to one particular toy then you can either replace the batteries with used ones or don't use the toy. With our wand we just don't over charge it and its fine .

I have trouble with that if I use my wand for too long! I just can't pop and yes it feels numb! I use it on low nearly all the time now and it 's great!

This happens to me when I over use my bullets.
It completely desensitises my clitorus after a while.

I usually just take a break from toys and revert back to fingers only, or as Ozz said- use a toy on a very low setting.

I would recomend this for her. All the patterns and constant vibration are fully adjustable in intensity, so it should be great for her. The lower settings are very gently.

im still writing my review for it, it's not powerful enough for me really, but great control options. Well worth a try.

It has happened to myself on the odd occasion. I find no sex toys and masterbation for a short period tends to help.

I think this is quite common. Yes it might be the strength of the toy and overstimulation. For me, though, I've gone through this once from a toy and then subsequently because I was stressed out that I couldn't climax. It's not the be all and end all. Massage was a good idea. You might also want to try something like this: Helped me out a couple of times. Hope it gets better!x

May just be a case of over stimulation and too frequent a use of vibrators i have had times where i found using a vibrator every day made reachig the big 'O' progressively harder till i couldn't get there at all taking a break (several days - a week) bought things back to normal

You say you have had to evolve into more kinkyer things. Why not take it back to basics? Teasing and touching no toys. Maybe just have a few 'make out' sessions. Then go for it.

Also this is a good cliterol stimulant
Really getting the blood pumping.

I hope your OH finds her orgasum soon. :)

I get this fairly regularly but then my body does hate me (weird nerve and muscle issues all over my body). I've pretty much given up on clitoral orgasms alone apart from ones from oral sex. Sometimes it is psychological but it may be that the bullets are just too buzzy for her or she's pressing down on the clit too hard. You could try putting something between the bullet and her skin, such as underwear. That sometimes helps stop me getting numb.

My solution is to focus on the combination of internal and external stimulation, using a dildo internally and just hands externally. I have much more satisfying orgasms that way too.

Another thing that sometimes helps is throwing some pain into the mix or holding my breath as I get close to orgasm. I find that with buzzy bullets I only have a few minutes before I get numb so I've got to pull out all the stops to beat the clock.

Thank you for all your replies, glad to see its fairly common, wel take back to basics just teasing and building tension I think, il let you know how goes;)

I have to agree. Some more powerful toys can do this, but the solution is usually really taking a break or using them on lower settings. Also maybe use non vibrating toys, such as dildos. I admit I do enjoy the glass or steel dildos also for clitoral play and the good news is that it does not cause this issue.

Good luck, I am sure that it will sort itself after few days off stronger vibrations.

Yes , this happens to me especially if I've used my wand too often ! I just have to go back to good old fingers for a while and it sorts itself out after about a week or so :)