Little Help Pls - bit of dress up

Mrs H enjoys a bit of r/playing and after watching the continuing series of Spartacus has decided that it would be fun for her to dress and act out as a slave .......and of course i was tasked with finding a suitable outfit.

So with the ' oh maybe you'll buy me a nice slave outfit' ringing in my ears i trawled the mighty web and hit the buy it now button for a rather nice leather harness for her.........when questionned about what i'd ordered i realised that she had meant something slightly different!

Well after hours tonight of trawling once again i'm stumped - hence the appeal to you folks.

Basically she fancies something along these lines:

And if i've got this right seems that hose who follow the Gorwan goings on will know what i mean when i say 'Camisk' style.

Closest i've come to finding something is fancy dress type stuff and frankly it looks pretty naff. So basically a revealing , tunic'y open sided short dress.


If you are rich and you want an original...

Would the Princess Leia slave bikini work?

@ kasumi - yes i saw that, but no, it's not quite teh right thing really - need more of a 'dress'.

@ Gym - a tad high for a bit of dress up if it had been anything up to £60/75 ....

my antivirus really hates the link you posted so i have no idea for an image, but they do some really nice reasonably priced dresses for a 'slave' on this website. I've actually bought some for myself as i am a submissive.

Have you look in a womans clothes store HSH ? As its summer time coming up you may find a dress like the one in a 'normal' shop