Little sex toy Imps must be getting in my drawer

After a stressful few months with zero sex drive it's revved back up again, i come to my toy drawer, get out a new pack of batteries and find no less than THREE of my toys have stopped working! A tester bullet from last year is completely dead, fair enough that ones been going a good few months of usage, but my dream rabbit tester thats only 3 months old and a recently bought replacement classic vibe that only had 3 uses makes me so sad:(
The classic vibe seems to somehow have got water in despite being waterproof, it was a replacement for the one that got a small crack and let water in but i've been super careful with this one, theres no cracks, the rubber seal seems good, and i make sure to tighten it before every use so no idea how thats happened.
The actual clitoral rabbit part of my rabbit works, but the shaft is just dead, the button lights up to show you pressed it but nothing happens.

Superstitious people would say it's no coincidence its happened to three toys :P

Perfect excuse to have a look at getting myself something new :)

Why don't you send them back hun for a replacement? This reminds me i need to contact Lovehoney over a vibe i received but i cant get it to come on. It happens sometimes doesn't it. If they are faulty i would request a replacement. x

Hmmm, does seem odd that three toys would all go together!

Good to see you back online though!

VA its a sign for you to treat yourself to something new!! x

LoveHoney are amazing for replacements. My g-spot vibe stopped working properly. I had no idea why, it would just cut out randomly and would give a constant buzz with the batteries reversed. Within 48 hours of contacting customer care a replacement was at the door!

Definitely drop them an email, chat or call. Honestly have never had customer service like it.

^ Couldn't agree more with rosy cheeks. I've had cheap canes snap on me and a heavy handed postman ruin a good cupping set but they get you a replacement asap :)

VirginAngel, you are not alone - I've also had problems with toys that hadn't been used for some time. With the Tracy Cox battery compartments (on the tulip clit vibe, for example) I can get the toy to work again by scraping a fingernail over the contacts. But the Bedtime 10 Function controller stubbornly stays dead, despite fresh batteries. And the rubber tips are coming off of one of my tweezer-style nipple clamps. If I add to that the button that comes off every time I play with my Butt Tingler plug, I also have three toys that malfunction for no reason at all :(

I will have customer care sort it out very soon, I'm just waiting for my next lingerie shipment to arrive, in case I have to send something back from it. Strangely enough, there always seems to be another shipment on the way that I want to wait for before packing the returns parcel...