Locktober poll

So, locktober is coming up. Who’s planning on engaging in a month of denial? Feel free to share any fun games you play alongside it :wink:

  • Yes, yes, yes!
  • Maybe, it depends on the OH
  • Not my kink
  • What’s locktober?

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None of the above! Would love to start chastity but not quite there yet in our lives (new parents) - have talked about it in the past and she’s not against it but feel we’d want more buy in from her to make it worthwhile.


Not through choice but I’ll not be happy if it turns out that way.
Does this include masturbating? I’m definitely not going to be abstaining.


I’ll be caged 24/7 for the whole of October and it will be the third time I’ve done Locktober too.

We’re both looking forward to it.

She gets to tease me mercilessly but also gets more than her fill of orgasms when I sublimate my sexual frustrations on her.

I spend the month absolutely buzzing and high as a kite with sexual desire and, when it’s over the orgasm she allows me is out of this world .

In fairness though I’ve been wearing a chastity cage pretty much full time for 2 1/2 years now and our relationship is very well established and successful for both of us


Not my kink. Even a day without sex and I’m totally miserable and moody. I didn’t have sex until I was 26, so I’m making up for lost time. :wink:


Every month is one of denial in my life! I will take it any chance I get!

I don’t deny myself anything, life is short.

For us, it’s more that the denial and sexual frustration is its own thrill.

Yes sex is amazing and feels out of this world. But sometimes denial, edging, ruined orgasms or teasing leaves us way more sexually charged for longer than going at it every day.

Plus the power dynamic can be a bit of fun!


Sexterminatrix and I are looking forward to it and we’re going to give it a good crack this year, however there will be a few days where visitors and work will make it impossible to be 24/7 caged.

I’m almost 100% certain that I will be making that lost time up during NOvember, however. :wink:

We did Locktober last year and it was our first step into the world of chastity. I got the idea and mentioned it to my boyfriend who was surprisingly willing to give it a go. He actually enjoyed it so we are going to go for it again this October.


Call me naieve but whats locktober

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Never heard of it!

That said ive been in enforced chastity for months due to my wifes illness so ill give it a miss. We are trying to have more not less

Urban Dictionary: Locktober

We both agreed that was a huge turn on just knowing he was wearing a cage that nobody else knew about. We don’t live to together yet so being over at parents, and also friends houses knowing what he had on underneath was a real turn for me.

He said it was actually pretty comfortable to wear and he doesn’t really masturbate at the moment due to some meds so it didn’t cause him any issue in that department. We are definitely going to go for it again for some kinky fun.