Log-In Problems. DOH

Change to log-in procedure!

Has anyone else been banging their head against their computer screen like me? I spent half an hour trying to log in today and failed every time. I started to get paranoid until I noticed - the log-in procedure has changed! I wonder how many members will be trying to remember which email address they gave when they joined! If it goes a bit quiet here we'll know it's quite a few.

Typical bloke - I never read the instructions.

Not just the blokes-
Same thing happened to me too-Typical Blonde day I think

I see there's a note on the homepage about this...

"Log-in process changed!
Please note we have updated the Orgasm Army Log In process! You no longer need your user name, just the email address you signed up with, and your password as before. This should result in even more secure access for everyone."

So there you have it!

I'm feeling safer already ;-)

Like I said - I'm a bloke, I don't read instructions.