Long distance D/s

My boyfriend and I are in a long term relationship, and we have a D/s dynamic. Normally we get to play at some level several times a week, but as of today we’re going to be seperated and long distance for 4 weeks because of his work. He’ll only be a few hours away but with my own work and other commitments I likely won’t be able to get away to visit him. I know that pretty soon it’s going to get hard on both of us not having that physical connection and time together. We have a rough plan on how we can keep up basic tasks and things like that, but I’m still hoping for more to make the time apart easier. I know the situation is only temporary but not having the physical connection or the same intensity of things is going to be difficult.

So far he’s set up a habit tracker on our phones so I know my daily tasks and he can keep track of when I’m doing them. I have extra rules and things to do daily to help keep me feeling submissive to him, and so he knows I’m taking care of myself properly and still doing everything I should. He’s going to call me every day, or every other day depending on time and energy levels, and occasionally we’ll play over a video call.

Has anyone else experienced a long distance D/s relationship? Do you have any tips or advice? And suggestions for punishments and rewards that can be done with distance?

Thanks :purple_heart:

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A bit costly, I know, but there must be some app-controlled e-stim devices out there for a bit of long-distance electro play? Dunno where, though! :thinking:

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Depending how high your libido is you could try voluntary chastity as a punishment. Orgasm denial would work too for phone sex, especially if youve got one of those long distance toys.

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I’ve been in that type of relationship quite a lot. I’d say go for an app controlled sex toy. I use we vibe and they are really good for that. Both of you just have to have the app and have the device connected and it works wonders. You could also have him do orgasm denial and even make you not masturbate or pleasure yourself until he tells you to. Could even do nudes if both of your are comfortable with that.

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I would love that, but I imagine something like that would be out of the budget. I absolutely love electrostimulation but good stuff isn’t cheap :confused:

He already has complete control over my orgasms. We have one long distance toy but it’s not very good. Might start looking into other options for that though :slight_smile:

I have a we vibe but it keeps dropping the connection all the time which is really frustrating. I might look into some other brands though :confused:

He already has control over my orgasms. And I usually send him photos every few days already :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you two have alot of fun :wink: Could always go the other way, get one of the app wands ive seen around and go forced orgasms via the interwebs.
The other day Some one made the brilliant suggestion of writing erotic stories for each other. Might be fun

Ive done this two way before with messages. Sort of erotic rp via text. Alot of fun. the text version of phone sex really i suppose.

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