Long Distance Sex

My partner is currently going away for a year for work. We plan to see each other every other weekend by taking it in turns with visiting but we both have fairly high sex drives. Does anyone have any tips of what we can do over skype to spice things up when we're apart? Or what I can do to surprise him when I finally get to see him? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Wow I don't even know where to begin! My partner is back tonight for good after being away with work for months, and not having the opportunity to see each other at weekends.

We've had Skype sex a few times but it was hard to get into because I think we both felt a bit awkward. It's really fun to be all dressed up and parade yourself round on Skype haha, it's such a tease to your man coz they can't touch you :) You can do anything you want over Skype really. We did a bit of control, he covered his camera up so I was just giving a show. He told me what to do what toy to use etc (can work either way depending on the dynamics of your relationship) .

when you get to see him get a sexy outfit, some lingerie all ready! Pretend your going for a shower or something and come out in lingerie, I've done this a couple times.

there is so much you can do it does depend what you're into, I have like a million plans for my poor unsuspecting partner when he's back tonight! Lol xx

I've already bought some lingerie when I see him next weekend for the first time in 3 weeks! I think the use of toys on camera does sound good as he does like telling me what to do and watch me whilst I do it. Thank you so much for your help!

Toys just make it a bit more interesting, coz you guys aren't actually together :) well that's what I think although I do mix it up :) enjoy! Xx

Hi Sassy Cheeks, my work takes me away from work from time to time. Sometimes I'm away for months. Honestly when I get home I just want to get my wife naked as soon as possible, lingerie is great but I don't think I'd notice if she was wearing an old coal bag. Maybe a few texts letting him know what's waiting for him when he gets home. That should have him wound up by the time he gets to see you.

Great, thank you for your ideas! Slightly more excited by it now

Sexting and a few naughty pictures will keep the spark alive even teasing pics like I have this waiting for you with me in it and it could be a piece of sexy underwear !

Working in the USA but doing a kinda long distance thing with an ex, I was in Chicago, she was in Boston I`d get up early most mornings and go for a jog/walk with my cell phone and call my ex and we`d try phone sex, talking about what we`d like to be doing with one another, she`d be in bed and talking me through what she was wearing, what she was doing, most times playing with herself to orgasm, suggestion and just thinking what your partner may be doing on the other end of the phone can be a powerful booster to an eventual getting back together.

She once lay up in bed, supported by lots of pillows as I was coming in from a trip, a little tired but apprehensive nonetheless. After I undressed and showered back in the bedroom she pushed off the covers, raised and opened her legs and had me get on the bed in between her legs, up close and personal to her pussy, breathing distance lol and told me I could watch but not touch and proceeded to touch herself, rub herself, finger herself squeeze her ample breasts and sticky out nipples, head tossed back, hips gyrating slowly till she came, and then whispered "this is whats on the other end of the phone and waiting for you every time you call and have to go away.

Sexy ????? omg yes lol

Skype striptease for him? :)

I only see my OH every wkend ,we skype once a week,she wears lovely sexy underwear on it for me,teases me by say shall i wear this or this for friday when we hook up,phone sex is a big one for us,she will even masterbste over the phone while i tell her what i want to do to her,lots of naughty texts during the week,espicaly on the journey to see her,and a quick to her as i near her house,just the anticipation leads to a great friday night,Even early morning phone sex is a thrill.