Long term buttplug

Hi guys, im just wondering if any of you here use butt plugs for extended periods of time? ive always loved the idea of it but due to me not owning any metal or glass plugs, it absorbs the lube and makes it kinda painful to remove, ive heard stories about people who kinda live with it in, like its apart of their body and only remove it for releiving themselves.
have you every done it? what plug is most comfortable long term? does your anus get used to it?

Unless you take it out and lube it regularly i dont recommend living with it in. asked my oh and he into butt plugs he said plain beginners small one is perfect for long wear (on a deal if u spend sp much u get ot free) .he wears his for long hours and gets sore as they not built to be lived in . Streching and getting use to it does happen. Like increasing size of dildo when you get use to feeling .hubbys gone from beginners put plug to 5inch dildo but his anal goes back to same size if not used in a while. Unfutuantely vaginas and anals dont have memory function

If you want to wear it for hours, glass butt plug and an oil based lube would be best like baby oil gel, as it doesn't dry out anything like as fast.

Just a little point to note, it is your body absorbing the lube, not the plug. It's going to happen no matter what plug you use, hence why reapplication is essential :)

A silicone or oil based lube will last longer, but even then you'll want to reapply if you are wearing it for that long. You don't want the plug to tear you on the way out because you've dried up!

The most comfortable plug I own is my Julian Snelling aluminium large one (I'd link but I'm on my phone). Being metal it can be used with any type of lube and the size and shape are so comfortable for longer term wear. A comfortable base is essential! Plus having a pretty sparkle butt is just awesome :D

The lovehoney Amethyst plug is very good for this. It is not an overbearing size, yet has a relatively large stem so you always know its there.

Is made of glass so perfect for this sort of thing

I've done it a few times when locked in to a chastity device as well :D It's awesome and you forget it's even there. This is the one I use for long term ware:


I can sleep with it in lol.

The people that ''live'' with buttplugs in tend to be into pretty hardcore s&m, and also hella sensible. They'll be sure to take it out regularly to reapply lube, and just pop it back in.

As has been said, you need to do this often, and a silicone lube will be best as it lasts longer.

As for plug recommendations... On the one hand, you're going to want a softer, silicone plug as you're going to be wearing it for a long time, but you're going to want one with a good sized base and narrow stem to make sure it doesn't do a runner in either direction.
I'd recommend the Tantus Neo, the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Plugs, and anything with that similar ''T-Bar'' base. It's a lot comfier to wear for a long time than one with a round base.

On the other hand, you might want a harder plug, as it stays lubed for longer, feels easier to remove, and you get the impression it's more secure.
For this, I'd still try to go for a ''T-Bar'' base for comfort, but the Julian Snelling plugs in the light aluminium are great, especially if you aren't used to long wearing. I like the weight of my solid steel one and I would with glass (though I don't have a glass plug yet) but it can be difficult over a long time.
I wouldn't reccomend the LH Amethyst plug, as whilst it's pretty, it's stem-to-base ratio just isn't great enough to be secure throughout the day.

There's also the FunFactory BBalls. These are a bit of a mixed opinion item amongst the community, and I too both love and hate them. I'd probably say try them out, and you can always return them.

thats awesome advice @http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/members/fairehlights/ :)

I just bought a small metal plug with a jewel on and hoping that will be sufficient.