Long time no see!

Hi guys, been a long time since I have been on here! Not sure how many people will remember me, but hope everyone is doing ok! x

Hi there! Where have you been?

Welcome back

Had a lot going on in the last 6 months so never found the time for the forum! Hope all is well!

Welcome back !

Hello and welcome.

WOOOOOOOOO ur still alive!! i got very worried about you :(.

I tried texting you a few times hun but u never got back to me :(

Hope your still happy to chat :)

Hi welcome back. Have fun!

Welcome back x

The only messaged I've received Steve was the one on my birthday! I was meant to get back to you but endless trouble with my phone! Where has chat gone!!!!! Was hoping to speak to a few peeps! Thanks guys! x

chats off for a while

Just read the thread.. what a shame!

turtle has a chat group email him and then u jump on that


drop him an email and he will let you have the link

Cheers mibbles!

MissBoo wrote:

Cheers mibbles!

you r welcome x