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I find myself looking for new toys to buy and I always look at the reviews to get a feel of how the item will perform. The issue I have with the website is that most of the reviews are positive which can be good but from reading them the reviews are written on how the toy made them feel not how the toy is made/operates/feels which is feel is a very inaccurate way to review the items, or they are written to show off their creative writing skills.

On the review section of items there are sorting options but I feel they should function better. The first option Newest : should allow you to also show the oldest and Rating should allow you to obviously see the the highest rated but it is very important to also see the reviews that give the item low ratings as they highlight the issues people had with the item or flaws in the item.
With the current system there is no way to see the lower rating reviews if there are lots of reviews without scrolling through every higher rated review first which sometimes puts me off the item.

I wanted to write this post to provide a little bit of feedback that I feel could be discussed but this is also my personal opinion of my experiences of the site so if you know of a way to see lower rating reviews first I am open to hearing them

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