looking for more power

hi folks, newbie to this site, proud owner of a few vibes (reviews to follow) just ordered a SinnFlut from Lovehoney. i'm mostly a clit girl though i do occationally use vibes for penetration. i'm looking for recommendations for POWERFUL vibrators? i've tended to favour impaling my poor clit under metal or hard plastic but have yet to find anything as powerfull as id like lol. help?

power.... my hubby has put one of my vibes in he's b/d drill's..WOW DID I HAVE FUN THAT NIGHT.. use lot's of lube and see if you can go from 1/10.. i got to 8 and then let go he was wet all over...plz to help

you want power do you want me to come to your house with all my toy's and make your clit burn ??

shhhh Wench you know damn well you'll be at mine soon xxxx

I have tried the smaller version of the second recommendation from happycamper and loved it! It gave me the most powerful orgasms I've ever had! Definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.

The first recommendation looks interesting, most powerful vibrator in the world eh? Might be worth a look but going by the reviews I might give it a miss for now.