Looking for some advice

My partner and I are looking to purchase a clit vibe we can use during sex.

Currently we are split between we vibe tango or touch and the lelo mia 2. Anyone any advice on these? Looking for something to use during penetration as the wand we have isn't practical

The we vibe tango is hands down the best clit vibe you could hope to own. We have 2 in case one runs out of battery. The touch is similar but we didn't get on with it as well as it is softer and the vibes don't transmit as well. We've never tried lelo mis but have only ever heard it is under powdered. Much would depend on your preference for power


both are good toys, the Tango is more powerful and it is very favourite toy. I have the original, not the new version, so I cannot commend on that. But it has smaller number of settings and even the first speed is bit powerful, which may not be ideal for women who dont like powerful vibrations.

The Mia starts with barely noticeable vibrations and goes to rather powerful, but not as powerful as Tango. But since you have the Wand, I assume that you like powerful toys, so the Tango may be fine for you.

One thing I remember and not sure if it is different for the version two, with Tango I had the problem that the vibrations travelled down the toy and made my fingers bit numb and affected. Never had this with the Mia.

I’d go for the Tango. The Mia is quite weak 🤔

Thanks folks! Sounds like We-Vibe Tango it is! I think that'll be a nice valentines day surprise and maybe a Tenga SVR cock ring too :)