Looking to buy first vacuum/ penis pump.

I would be grateful of any advice from experienced users & lovehoney staff/ admins. I've been looking into buying my first device for quite some time now but don't know what to choose. The bathmate range is what I'm considering because all the reviews I've read lead me to believe it is a great quality build that will last. Also when used with water it prevents the edema looking effect that air only pumps produce. I'm 7.5inch length and just under 6inch circumference with no previous vacuum/ pumping experience. From the complete range of these suction devices that lovehoney sell what do you think I should short list?

You will need the larger Bathmate. I have tested it and its on my review list. You won't fit into the smaller chamber one and certainly won't have room for growth. It's the Bathmate Goliath

Great review! So with this product being discontinued I guess I'll be looking to the current larger model to allow room for expansion.

Yes. You will need the biggest chamber. Think the small ones are about 7 inches chamber so length wise you will hit the top. you won't fill the big chamber when pumping but you will certainly have room.

Thank you both for replying! I've just ordered myself the X40 BathMate, the MEGA 2 inch cock ring and a pack of the easy on Doc Johnson stretchy 4 pack cock rings.