Loose fit or Tight/Snug Fit Undewear

I must admit I like going without underwear but lately I haven’t been feeling great about myself, so I have started to wear some sexy underwear again just to get myself feeling good about me.

It got me wondering what kind of underwear people like to wear as in loose or tight. I like the tight fit so I can feel the underwear I don’t know if it’s just me but wearing tight fit gets me horny, but when im wearing plain boxershorts I’m definitely feeling less horny, maybe because tight snugfit underwear pulls everything closer so that’s why I get super horny​:man_shrugging:


Tight, as above it’s great to feel the materials and also keeps everything in place. Loose boxers are so uncomfortable

You know I have always like wearing boxershorts I find them comfortable and I liked the feeling of everything free, I suppose its close to wearing no underwear. But I think I might now be changing in what I like.

The only downside wearing tight/snug underwear is it can get pretty hot down there in the summer time, well that’s when we do have those hot gorgeous days on occasion lol

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I prefer tightish briefs but they don’t work with the chastity cage so I’ve had to switch to boxers or nothing at all.

I think if I was wearing a chaistity cage I would probably go without underwear.

It’s my preferred state and it’s what I do at home but I wear boxers when we go out for hygiene reasons. When you have a wee wearing a cage it doesn’t always drain fully and the boxers absorb any residual liquid so it doesn’t mark your trousers.

You learn these things after a couple of years in chastity.

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I prefer tight fitting underwear for the feel against the skin but my wife prefers me wearing loose fitting boxer shorts.

My last partner also liked seeing me wearing boxershorts as a casual thing, she had a thing for white boxershorts.

At the same time she would also like seeing me wear tight snug underwear. I guess depending on her mood :blush:

Tight :+1: The only time I wear loose fitting is if the underwear has gotten too old and stretched out, and it always gives me a wedgie at that point so it gets chucked :sweat_smile: Maybe loose would be nice in summer, but I like knowing my underwear is securely in place and not going anywhere, and for me I forget I’m wearing them more when they fit just right and snug :smiling_face:


:joy:Why do I have a image now wearing lose fit underwear wearing a skirt and oops the underwear is to loose I’m sure underwear isn’t supposed to be around the ankles :joy::joy::joy:

Love tight trunk boxers like in my profile pic, got some nice Lovehoney ones, and silky ones from a certain High St chain famous for it’s undwerwear. Love the look, feel and fit. When lounging round the house i go commando.

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I’m like you @WillC I like to go commando around the home and naked as much as possible. though at the moment I am enjoying just wearing my sexy underwear around the home. It’s too warm in my home at the moment to be fully clothed :wink:

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Close/tight fit for me

I usually go with a firm fitting pair of pants, mainly so my balls don’t flop about too much lol

Im a vote for tight fit much more pleasurable for me !

Mr John wears them snug, which is fine by me.
I did have an ex who wore baggy cotton boxers. As he walked you could clearly see the “swing of the sausage”… hot hot hot!

Oh @teacake it depends :joy::joy:

Tight fit or none depending on mood and if I’m going anywhere :blush:

Fit must be comfortably snug on the bottom, for a cami it’s nice for it to be fluttery and a corset must be perfectly fitted.


Always baggy boxers for me, gotta let them hang free! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I prefer the look so does my OH

On the complete opposite end, I bought some thongs and I love the super snug tight fit :smile_cat: but I only wear them at home on the odd occasion :yum: