Lost balls !!!

Can anyone give me some advise, last night I inserted my wenga balls to do my pelvic exercises. But when I came to retrieve them I could only find one !!! Omg how do I explained that to the other half without him laughing his socks off!!

I know they are small but should they get lost, hence after sitting on the loo and fiddling for 20 mins I eventually found it. Please can anyone help.?

I only have the ones with the cords on but I don't think they should get lost at all.

Sorry I know that's not much help but I'm sure other people will be able to help you more :)

I wouldn't worry, it's impossible for anything to get lost inside your vagina, it's a closed ended passage, so there's no where for anything to go.

It sounds to me like one of the balls may have been higher up than the other, once you got yourself worried thinking that it was lost you tensed up your body, for the balls to come out you need to be relaxed as the vaginal muscles need to relax in order for them to be released so to speak. If you don't want to wait to relax your body what you can do is sit on the toilet (Or squat) and bear down and push, you can then insert your finger into your vagina and hook it around the ball to pull it out.

As FA said - it is impossible for anything to get lost completely - but if you are really worried then maybe just use ones with cords from now on - here are a couple of links with LH's selections :) xx