Love Honey Curve Cruiser

Bought a LH curve cruiser last week and I'm having a slight issue with it.
The bloody thing won't stay in! It just constantly trys to slip out. Anyone got any suggestions as to how to keep it in? It's sort of spoiling the experience as Im having to hold it in.


Have you got a link for it?

if the item is under 1 year of purchase, you are entitled to refund! I often return toys if they are too difficult to use. Play time shouldnt be hard work!


It's this Miss Panda.
I gave one away on my blog last year as it happens.
Phelps, there are a few possibilities here. Are you perhaps not relaxed - it's possible that tension is causing it to pop out.
Is it possibly you're not inserting it properly - are you pushing the whole toy up to the base all the way in?
It's also possible that you're just not suited to this one, and might benefit from one with a longer slimmer neck?

I second sumsub espically with the tension. If your not use to something being there your body is naturally going to try and get it out. Is it waterproof? Try using it in the bath or after maybe. That will help you to relax. I also think patience is key, keep trying, maybe do something else to take your mind off it.

Are u using any lube? Maybe you are using to much or not the right one for the job.

Cheers for the replys.

I havent used anything of this size before so I guess I the excitement might mean I'm not quite as relaxed as I should be. I have managed to get it all the way in to the base but as soon as I let go it starts to slide back out.

I don't want to send it back quite yet as I've found some things need a bit of work to get the best out of them.