Love my girl to do a 3some

hey people ive been watching 3some vids MMF alot for long time and like the idea of another man fucking my girlfriend we talked about it sometimes and she says she wouldnt like to see me with another girl so thats ok for me im not botherd but would like to see another man fucking my girl
or join in, she goes if that would be the case i would want you to be fucking me, but i want her to get in to it
or how do i try get her to talk about it more or agree with it, ive never talked about it in detail just stuff like would you have a 3some with another guy
she says she wouldnt want me to do anything to the guy thats weird
but in my head i wouldnt be botherd i would like to give the guy a blowjob while he is licking my gf out and she gives me a blowjob
or he fucks me while i lick her out but when she said it was weird i didnt tel her about that sort of detail
need help how to approach this or how to get her in to it

You might not be able to get her into it, she's said it's not her thing and threesomes aren't for everybody. We all have something we'd love but our OH says no to and you just have to leave it alone and accept it. If she's willing to have a threesome and you not do anything with the guy that's a fair compromise and possibly a starting point, but don't try and convince her to do it

You can't make her agree with it; this is your fantasy, not hers, and she already quite clearly expressed discomfort at the idea. She has already said that she would find you playing with the guy weird, so you know where you stand on that point. You could try talking to her to find out exactly why she finds the idea uncomfortable, but at the end of the day she has basically said no, you have to hear her out and accept her reasons rather than go into the conversation with the intent of changing her mind.

You should also consider that it will never turn out like the porn videos you watch; have you considered how you would feel when you realise your partner is clamming up rather than acting like a porn star? Because she isn't one, and real life threesomes are as different to porn ones as real life is to porn sex. Arguably more so!

If you're going to have the conversation, make sure it is out of the bedroom while nobody is horny and don't set out to force her to agree. You have to respect her wishes, not just your own. Some things are far hotter when they are left as a fantasy!

All you can do is talk to her and approach the topic seriously.Don't be too pushy-if she's not into it,then she's not into it.

agreed talk too her stop forcing the subject,face it if she is into it she will eventually tell you, if she isn't sure the more you bombard her the less chance you two have got to explore this possibility

Cheers people I'll just leave it as a fantasy and respect. Women

Have u tried letting her way u the videos with you? Maybe if she sees what's involved she might feel a bit better about it all?