Love we-vibe, looking for other recommendations


I love the we-vibe vibrators, the particular motor they use seems to do the trick for me. Bought a different brand a few months ago and was seriously disappointed. Does anyone have recommendations for vibrating toys that have a similar motor/action that they would recommend I try.

Thanks for any assistance


Hi Eva, Is it that particular style of toy you are looking for, or a different type of vibrator completely? We-vibe do other styles of vibrator - I don't if the motor would be identical, but as they are from the same company they may be similar in power etc. Have a look at the link below to see the other toys they have in their range :) xx

What kind of toy are you after? Love my tango ❤️ X

Scorpius: I've just indulged myself on getting one of their G-spot vibrators and I'm hoping to be as pleased with that as with my other purchases. I was just wanting to try different brands out for a bit of variety but was discouraged by the last try.

Couple looking for spice: I just want to try a bit of variety, thinking of some of the other larger vibrators on the market. I'll take a look at the tango, thanks for the tip.

If you're just looking to try other brands that are just as strong as rumbly, maybe check out Fun Factory, L'amorouse, or Swan products? You might like those too. If you're looking for a larger vibrator, just bear in mind that the Tango is a bullet vibrator, so fairly small. But I love my Tango too :)

I'm not sure if I'm understanding correctly. Do you want to know about other toys similar to We-Vibe creations or other brands that are just as powerful?

For wands, Doxy is great.

For g-spot stimulation, I would suggest L'amourose. I love their Prism V and Rosa Rouge. Although the We-Vibe Rave is fab too.

For clitoral stimulation, it's hard to beat the Tango, but my other go-to choices are the Mimi Soft Touch by Je Joue and the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Another brand that I love just as much as We-Vibe is Fun Factory. Out of the ones that Lovehoney stock, I really like the Tiger and Big Boss. Both for different reasons.

Captain: I've been looking at the Fun Factory brands, good to see a recommendation because they look pretty amazing and may very well be my next try. Everyone just seems to love the tango I may have to try that too.

NatandTom: I'm looking for recommendations for products that have a similarly powerful motor. You're

the second on to suggest L'Amourose and I haven't looked at those yet so I'll give them a gander, thank you for the recommendation. Fun Factory is also one that seems to have a good reputation, not sure I'm ready to try the Big Boss yet but you never know.

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

Not sure what you're after, but I'd definitely recommend a wand!

HornyOwl: The doxy seems to be very highly recommended, next time I have some cash to spare I may treat myself to one of those.

If you mean the Tango I think 2 that compare with power are the mimi soft and lelo Nea 2 :)