LoveHoney Forum Rules

Welcome to the LoveHoney Forums! It's a friendly place where you can be open and honest with like-minded people, have some fun and share advice and tips.

The LoveHoney Forums are here for genuine, non-judgemental sex-positive chat and are far from sleazy. They don't exist for people to find cyber sex, dogging, phone fun or real life dating. If you want this kind of thing, we suggest adult friend finder.

The LoveHoney Forums are moderated, and while we don't want to intervene unnecessarily, we will ensure the rules of the forum are respected. We will edit or remove content and accounts at our discretion.

The LoveHoney Forum Rules

  1. No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour.
  2. Post in the correct forum and stay on topic.
  3. Respect the privacy of other people.
  4. No inappropriate images.
  5. No advertising or inappropriate links.
  6. Do not condone or encourage illegal activity.

Please see below for further explanation of the LoveHoney Forum Rules.

1. No personal attacks or inflammatory behaviour

We want the LoveHoney forums to be a friendly place, where people can feel comfortable and confident. Debate and discussion is encouraged but personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Posting inflammatory material to provoke emotional responses from other members (often called 'trolling') is not welcome. Please find the definition of a troll here.

2. Post in the correct forum and stay on topic

Posts should be relevant, informative and interesting. Posts should be made in the most relevant forum for the topic and a descriptive thread title should be used. Don't use text speak.

Have a search for previous threads before starting your own and if there was a recent discussion on the topic, bump that thread rather than starting a new one.

3. Respect the privacy of other people

We want this to be a fun and enjoyable forum so please be respectful and do not harass or pester other members. Please refrain from all kinds of solicitations including those for photos, contact details and explicit personal descriptions or excessive information. Repeat offenders will have their account closed.

4. No inappropriate images

Do not post offensive or graphic profile pictures. More information on what is and isn’t allowed can be found in this thread. Do not post inappropriate images on the forum.

5. No advertising or inappropriate links

The LoveHoney forums are owned and run by LoveHoney, please do not advertise here or post links to competing sites. The only exception is to request a product that you would like to see stocked in the product request thread. Links to inappropriate content will be removed.

6. Do not condone or encourage illegal activity

Discussion of dangerous or illegal activity - including sex acts - will be removed.

What happens if I see something that breaks the rules or contains questionable content?

The 'Report this post' button can be used by forum members to alert the moderators to posts or threads that break the rules. It can be found at the top right side of every post (see picture). The mod gods can also be contacted via email.

What happens if I break the forum rules?

It all depends on which rules are broken. Generally, if there's a problem, you will be warned by a moderator and no further action will be taken. For persistent spammers or harassing of other members, you will be banned and have your posts deleted.