Lovehoney Loyalty: Something new is coming…

As some of you may already know, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on ways to better reward our customers, and we’re almost there!

Our new loyalty programme will launch soon, giving our most long-standing customers the VIP treatment with money-off rewards worth up to 25% back on what you spend, as well as early access to hotly anticipated sales, exclusive offers, new product sneak peeks… and more! A big part of this change will also enable us to offer more support and advice to newer customers, giving them tailor-made offers to make their first purchases as easy as possible.

In order to make way for these new experiences, we’ll need to say goodbye to our current loyalty programmes - Unlimited and Lovehoney Rewards.

For now, you can continue to access your loyalty benefits and redeem points as usual but from 20th January you will no longer be able to earn new points. Then on 24th March both Unlimited and Lovehoney Rewards will close, and you will no longer be able to redeem any remaining points on your account, or access Unlimited benefits.

We will shortly be sending an email to active members of these programmes, with some additional detail, but as some of our most important customers we wanted to let you know here first.

If you have any further questions, you can find more information on our FAQ page, and keep an eye out for more information on our new programmes soon! :sparkles:


I’ll miss the free postage most I think because the majority of my orders are under the free delivery threshold :slightly_frowning_face:

Am hopeful that the new system will have its benefits too :+1:t2:


Same will miss the free postage option but if we have to pay hopefully we will be given choice of carrier as at present it lists Royal Mail but is actually delivered by the dreaded Hermes!


Thanks @Lovehoney_Brenna for clearing this up after seeing some posts on it.
It is a shame the old one will end, but I guess we have to embrace change.
The free delivery worked for me, being a low earner and not always placing orders over £40 each time.
Sometimes it might only be deal of the day or something small as a gift.
I guess it will mean buying less or placing fewer orders while I wait to build up the basket.

The free delivery also meant I could place small orders and the wife not really notice that amount missing from the bank.

I know it’s not a massive issue, but just thought I would give my opinion.


I just hope that the downsides I have read about are not there and makes it worthwhile otherwise I am sure my OH and I will be buying less


I hope everything works out, I’m not looking forward to loosing my free postage and 25% off but all good things must come to an end while making way for something even better!


Ooo this sounds exciting! Any money off and extra rewards is always good. However I hope the free delivery stays like others have commented :blush:


Time for a last hurrah order to use up my saved points i think then haha


I’m happy with the new VIP system.
Free delivery would be missed.


Honestly, I don’t really mind the difference since I don’t get any of the VIP stuff since I’ve only been here a year. All I want if for LH to go back to Royal Mail instead of Hermes. The last two times Hermes has delivered something, they don’t knock and they just leave it and then the tracking won’t even update until a few hours after it’s delivered which give thiefs plenty of time to steal my packages. Luckily, my door is kinda hidden from the front so it’s hard to see the door but anyone can if they try :frowning:


All sounds intriguing @Lovehoney_Brenna :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


This sounds exciting! But what will happen to the points we have but not used once everything is closed down? Will they move onto the new loyalty system?


Thanks for letting us know in advance @Lovehoney_Brenna :blush: It will probably be coming in the email but would be good to know what the conditions are to keep it (for example it says 3 or more orders, is this within a year or just since being a customer?) But looking forward to seeing how the new loyalty system works :blush:

@AJSTAR - from Brenna’s original post, we can’t earn any new points from 20th Jan, but it looks like we have until 24th March to use any points before they disappear (after that they won’t transfer to new system) - hope that helps!


Thanks for the update @Lovehoney_Brenna

Just wondered if the anniversary discounts will be going permanently too? I’ve loved the unlimited perks and have to confess I’ve not seen any point in using the VIP benefits so far as there’s been no point whilst they’ve still been available.

Will be interesting to see the new program in action.


Hey @Rob36 the FAQs say that the anniversary one is going and there will be something for birthday but not what :blush:


The free post allows me to make impulse buys, often in relation to mailshots I’ve received. I will no doubt make less of these now but overall, I think the VIP scheme still gives good rewards


Yep. I saw the birthday details so edited my post, but it was more of a question about the anniversary offer. Its something I think it would be a shame to lose. I understand that it only caters for those in relationships but it’s always been an excuse for another shop for me and an opportunity to surprise the wife. If, as stated, its something that was underused then maybe the solution isn’t to remove it but to promote it more?

Surely it’s no different to doing a valentines promotion each year, as that’s for couples too?


My birthday is in February so that means I should still get the 40% code as the Unlimited perks end in March, right?

@Rob36 - Our anniversary is basically the same day as my birthday, so I chose another special date instead. I don’t think I got sent anything last time so I missed it. I also believe other members had a bit of hassle trying to get it from the chat agents at one point? Like getting blood out of a stone, haha. But you’re right. It was another reason to do a big haul :yum:


I’m intrigued, do you think this will be 3 total or a three per year kind of thing?

Awww this is a shame, I feel like I will probably purchase less as the prices of the items in my basket won’t look so appealing without that initial 25% discount so I may be put off buying some more expensive items.

But I do have a question @Lovehoney_Brenna
If we receive ‘money off rewards’ - will these be to spend on whatever items we choose, or will it only be to spend on selected products?
(You know like when supermarkets try and reward you by sending vouchers to be used on things such as dog food or specific items that are of no interest to some people).

I’ve got to admit - having that 25% discount enables me to make a random purchase because I always see it as I’m getting a bargain: so I can easily justify the purchase to myself.
I don’t feel like new reward system is quite as exciting - but we shall see x