Lovehoney on YouTube

Just discovered this! Just watched Tilly sawing a Vixen tie-dye in half, interesting to see what's inside!

Off to watch Jess's Wilde side clips 😃

I couldn't watch the murder of the mustang! It's such a beautiful toy.

be careful of Jess' bewitching eyes!

Well I know how I'll be keeping myself amused later 😂

I loved both the murder of the Mustang and Jess's videos, funny and informative 😄

Oo I'll have to go and watch! Lol x

Watched the spanking video, not seen the other others yet😃

I love Jess's videos! They're very informative and I will show them to my oh to introcude him to bondage :)

And Jess is so beautiful to look at!

Jess's videos are awesome. I'm yet to expose my poor eyes to this mustang murder 🙈🙈🙈 although curiousity is definitely kicking in now 😄😄💖xx

Just watched the spank video really informative! Iv subscribed 👍🏼 love you personally jess! Xx

N'awwww..... You guuuuyyyysss!!!! *blushes* I'm soooo pleased you're enjoying the new channel.

Thank you SO much for checking out the channel and new playlists, and for all your lovely feedback! 

I'm genuinely looking for input on these vlogs, so if you have any suggestions for how we can make them better, or have an idea for a specific vlog you'd like to see please do let us know here or (even better) on YouTube itself!

Don't forget we have 3 new playlists: Sammi Cole talking Lingerie, Tilly talking Sex Toys and yours truly talking all things kink

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Tilly was really funny when she tried to clone a dinosaur 😄