Lovehoney recycle.

Sorry If there is a post already,

I'm in the middle of having a massive toy clear out, have far to many I don't use and not enough room. Can I recycle anything?? I have loads of plugs and cockrings I need to bin

Can anyone help please x

Hey Delboy1991

You certainly can! In fact you can return any toys under our Rabbit Amnesty scheme (or electical equipment) and not only will we recycle them, but we'll add some Oh! Points to your account for doing so :)

Just follow the link above to find out more :) :)

Whoops! Jess beat me to it hehe!


Also I added a item a while back and never managed to send it off, when I go online now I can't add anything else. Can anyone cancel it so I can do the load together or do I need to contact someone else to do that. ( sorry being a pain! )

I accidentially put the wrong number of things I had to send off for mine and I contacted customer care about it - the lady I spoke to said it should be fine and to pop a note in the box, but asked for an order number and managed to change it for me anyway. So maybe contact customer care?

Yeah, I would also recommend speaking to live chat.

I'm sure I've read somewhere that once it's in the system it stays there, so you can post it off at any time after that, but I might be thinking of something else son I would have a quick chat with Live Chat. They'll sort you out in a flash!

This company never ceases to amaze me. I had no idea you ran such a good scheme. And reward people for using it. Bravo.

Can we recycle non-electrical toys through this scheme too? I have a battered male stroker that I don't think my OH wants to try again and some cock rings I won't be using, can I recycle those?

Can anyone tell me if you need to pay for the postage to send stuff to rabbit amnesty please?

And do you just send it to lovehoney like normal?

Thank you!

Yes, you pay for postage when sending to rabbit amnesty. The address is the same, just add RA or some thing and the reference number. It gives you all the details anyway when you tell them what your sending.

@mnms: Good morning! You can only send electrical/vibrating toys to Rabbit Amnesty. So you won't get any Oh! points on everything non-electrical.

You can find out more on the FAQ page:

Thanks crazy horse hun :)