Lovey honey TV

Just a quick question

I wondered how often love honey tv is updated ?

there are quite a few new toys in the store now and a few of them I would like to see more of ?

I have found the link to email to request a demo , but I wondered if a thread might be easier and quicker ?


Hi snapper,

Lovehoney TV is updated all the time - we upload about 10 new videos per week. Click into any of the categories to see the latest videos.

We have an ongoing filming schedule and video demo requests submitted are taken into account when we are sorting the list of what to film and in which order to film them.

Thanks Alice

I wonder if its possible to find out which items are going to be used for Love Honey TV

It would save you having lots of repeat request to go through, I guess a sort of (Coming Soon) label on the items pages ?

I know it maybe weeks from picking an item to demo to filming then on to editing before it can finally be posted on the site ,

I also understand this may have the side effect, where customers wait for the demo before buying the item, so it is swings and roundabouts


Hey snapper,

The way we pick which videos will be featured on Lovehoney TV tends to be in order of brand, best-selling and new Lovehoney brand products. It usually takes a few weeks between the product in question being added to the filming list, being filmed, edited and then (finally!) uploaded.

There aren't any plans to create a 'coming soon' label on product pages unfortunatley, but it's something to consider for the future.