loving relationship without full sex

i was just wondering how many long term relationships their are without full sexual intercourse,

i have been married nearly 50 years to a wonderful loving lady whom i love to the the end of time but due to a medical condition she can not have intercourse, she enjoys the sex life we have and i try to be understanding to her condition, she enjoys the intimate closeness we have and her climax is still wonderful for me.

we have progressed in our relationship and i have found a wonderful wat to sex thing up, i have found that i love to dress in basques and corsets and nylons, my wife picks the stuff for me and loves to dress me in the lingerie, i also got a LH fleshlight and with a little bit of imagination we can be just as intimate as if i am inside her,

there must be lots of couples who find themselves in this position, I know LH is a business but a lot of the toys can help couples like us

What are your thoughts

I think if you have found your groove and you are happy then more power to you. Sex does not mean love, it doesn't mean happiness. It sounds as if you have found long lasting happiness which is rare so however it is achievement in itself. Keep going with your exploration.

I'm really pleased you have found what works for you.

I think a lot of people think you can't have live without sex, but that is soooooo wrong.

My husband has terminal heart failutre with a couple of years of prognosis. We can't have sex due to his medical condition, but . . . . we had a little fun while on holiday to Iceland, and I managed to give him oral pleasure. (It's the first erection he has had in 8 months.)

I love him dearly and we are busy enjoying the time we have together. I do miss our wild and passionate sex life, but we love ane another and that is all that counts

Well done both of you, sex is important but not as important as love it's what grew you together in the first place.

Enjoy every moment of your life with each other, I am really sorry to hear about your husband but you seem to be a wonderful wife, and a fantastic person,

Take care both

Even though I am not in the same situation as you (Jeffness and Fun Louise) I am in a long term relationship where we rarely ever have ”penis-in-vagina” or ”penis-in-butt” sex. It’s not because of a medical condition, though. Both of us prefer doing other kinds of sexual things and we are extremely happy and satisfied with our sex life. (I’d like to add that I also have other partners with whom we have ”regular” sex, but that’s not a sexual substitute. I’m polyamorous and the chemistry is different with different OHs)

It sounds like you have found what works for you, and that’s amazing! Intimacy and sex is not all about stickning a penis in a hole 😜😅

Fun Louise, Jeffness, that’s really nice that you have loving relationships, we haven’t had sex or foreplay for a very long time, we just make up for it in other ways.

Most of the time I feel guilty as I am having a sexual relationship with myself really,

I know my wife knows and participates but it is not the same for her, she enjoys the closeness of or bodies and the times she can climax but it's in the back of the mind all the time,

I need to release regularly and do so now that I have started getting stuff from L,Have, just sent for posing pouch, well my wife chose it so looking forward to that,

I wouldn't change the relationship for the world and would be completely lost without her,

We watched a film about a couple going away on their last time in a camper trailer, very sad, the ending had both of us crying

But for the grace of God that's us in a few years

Enjoy your day folks

As long as you enjoy each other’s pleasure, sex can take whatever form suits you.

Pleasuring yourself is in my view, also a valid form of sexual expression, and healthy too.

My wife & I have gone without penetrative intercourse for long periods due to illness or absence previously, and found creative ways to enjoy each other’s sexuality in the bedroom, when the mood#s taken us. Not that it’s an essential part of a loving relationship of course. I think of it more as a luxury.

Congratulations on the almost 50 years marriage to you and your good lady Jeffness!

All the best.

Jeffness, congratulations, nearly 50 years is incredible. I feel the same about feeling guilty as I am having a sexual relationship with myself, whenever I’m having solo play I feel as though I shouldn’t be doing what I do. Unfortunately it’s solo or no play.