Loving the BIG boys :)

I'm not overly experienced but am really liking the feel of larger toys and just want to go bigger.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips about increasing the sizes. The thought and feeling of larger things inside me is a real turn on. I'm only a teeny size 6 (UK) and compared to me big dildos look huge!

I really want to give something like this


a try, but can't warrant expenditure. I'm only a poor student and something like this shouldn't be a priority.

Anyone have any recommendations in this area? Any comments much appreciated :) x

Student discount?
Wait for a money of voucher or search the Web for one? Would this be an option for you?

If you have a Unidays account, you can get 20% off :)

as above, student discount is a great deal. i would justify it but maybe staying in one night or not sp[ending so much on something else? for example i would spend about £100 on a big night out, if i skipped one that meant i could justify spending £100 on toys for me and the OH

Thank you for all your helpful replies. I'll definitely be utilising that student discount at some point!

My hesitance is more around the size. I want to move upwards but don't want to get something I can't use yet or that's uncomfortable. I'd love to give it a go but don't want to be left with an erotic paper weight for a while :P


That's the joy of their returns policy, if it's too big you can just send it back 😊

That's the joy of their returns policy, if it's too big you can just send it back 😊

Hi adventurousO,

It's nice to see I'm not alone in the poor student front!

With regards to your request (good luck first of all!), I think that although the student discount is very good for us, in this particular instance I'd use a promo code if I were you. It does require spending a bit more but you also get more.

With the student discount the dildo is 20% cheaper, i.e. £17.60

However, if you add this promocode to the checkout: VB520OCT

Then it takes £10 off when you spend £30, so you can get your product and perhaps this as well:


Or if you already have lube then something else that you fancy which costs 8 or 9 quid (8 if you want to maximise the percentage you'll save- i.e. 33% and as you spend more and more over 30 the percentage you save goes down. )

For future reference, if you can find a promo code like the one above that tends to be cheaper. If however you feel like splurging then it works out that the student deal is better for when you spend more than 50 quid (because at 50 quid both deals work out to be the same, 10 pounds off is the same as 20 % off- but again, this is specific to this particular deal, it may vary depending on the promo code)

Hope this helps!

Worth mentioning that particular offer is only valid for a couple more days I think. Also if your order makes it to £60 and you are worried about next day delivery split it into two orders if you can as the code can be used more than once (used it about 5 times myself) £60 worth of purchases for £40 👍

Should have said not worried about next day delivery, won't let me edit.

Thanks AmyA! I didn't know you could use it multiple times

What price pleasure, just go for it, I'm sure you will get plenty use from it, but from the wifes perspective bigger is better,not length but girth, upto 6.5 inch circumference to date, and wanting more, awaiting, 8 inch in post

Ok so I have this toy and I love it viginally, I don't play anal. It is large and does take some working up to. If the size is worrying you this might be an alternative http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32877

There are good reviews written about most toys, so check them out. As for price, you already get 20% off which I don't, and it is glass it will last a lifetime. I hope this helps