Lube for sensitive types?

Can anyone recommend a lube for me - I seem to be really sensitive and they have made me itch in the past. so which is the best to try?? Water based? Slicone type?? Luckily I do lube up myself really well and saliva is great but I think I'd like to try one for fun. Be really grateful for any advice as I just can't afford to be itching right now as my sex drive seem to have gone into overdrive lately. (OH not complaining but he was looking a little tired last night - still I know just the thing to perk him up! )

Hiya Horny Pony - I would recommend that you try a water based lubricant that is glycerine and paraben free. These two ingredients could be the cause of the allergic reaction you have experienced. Astroglide make one; as do WET lubricants; these are great at they are suitable for use with all toys. Then if your fella can't keep up with you then you can arrange for back up of the Rabbit variety!

Thanks - I've just been investigating and have ordered the Sliquid H20 as it is glycerin and paraben free just as you suggested so fingers crossed this works for me. After my research I just checked on my usual lube and it contains glycerin! So this could be the cause of my irritation - had a yeast infection last week after using a big handful of the stuff! Arghhhh not what you want when you are feeling real horny! Still made me creative on the OH even if left feeling a bit frustrated myself.

Hi Bonny - while you are on the topic of lubes have you read the following article about silicone lubes and silicone toys?:-

After reading this we tried a patch test with Pjur original lube on all our toys including Tantus, Funfactory and several other manufacturers' silicone toys and the outcome was that they were all fine with this silicone lube. Although the silicone does not make toys as slick as some of the water-based lubes for anal sex we use a combination of both - water based for an 'easy in' and silicone for 'staying power' so compatibility with silicone lube is a big plus for us.

It would be good if you could investigate the compatibility of your silicone toys with at least a small number of the popular silicone lubes and add this info to the descriptions of the toys

Ahhh Sliquid! I can't believe I forgot that one - Dean aka 'Mr Sliquid' will kill me - good choice Horny Porny. Thanks for the link to the article Gyrator53 I'll take a look at it and get back to you later. B

Just an afterthought - are silicon based lubes more likely to irritate? (I know everyone has different triggers).

Horny Pony wrote:

Just an afterthought - are silicon based lubes more likely to irritate? (I know everyone has different triggers).

Not at far as I know, actually, it's usually the glycerin that makes people itchy and irritated. Liquid Silk is also a good choice, as is Embrace.

Thanks very much - will defo avoid stuff with glycerine. Silicone sounds nice cos it stays slidey so maybe next time!

Silicone is good just not with silicone toys! My favourite is liquid silk personally jsut because it slides and goes with everything.

Hi Imelda - its worth trying a patch test on the base of your silicone toys with a good quality silicone lube as you can have it all - silicone lube on silicone toy - very luxurious!

Oh - should have said that I agree that Liquid Silk is very good and is the water based one we use. Interestingly, it contains a small amount of silicone!

is the Liquid Silk glycerine free??

The only one of the (numerous!) ingredients that sound to be glycerine related is propyline glycol. Its a long time since I did chemistry so I can't remember if glycerine and the gycol group are similar. Propyline glycol is the ingredient in non-toxic antifreeze for cars

I do know that I react badly to the Maximus lube that is made by the same company that do liquid silk but I have no problem with Liquid Silk at all.

Thanks for all the advice - really helpful for me as a newbie.

Really? The advice from LH is not to use silicone and silicone toys. Cool that you've found it works, but I just wouldn't risk it on mine coz silicone toys can be so bloody expensive! I would be so gutted if it went wrong!!

Anyone else here tried this one?

My wife is a sensitive soul, and as part of our last order I got some of this in. She's only had it on her hands so far (lucky me ) but it caused her to flair up somewhat and her hands went very red. So it hasn't gone where we were originally intending it to go. Not sure if we're brave enough.... A shame as we bought the big bottle and I specifically got it due to the hypo allergenic / kills bacteria thing. Sounds like an ideal solution for sensitive folks. At least on paper.

I'm such an idiot, I've been irritated after sessions using lots of lube and just assumed it was from lots of shagging in a short space of time. I can't believe I didn't even think to check the lube for glycerine!! Doh! My current lubes all have glycerine in some form so that would be it then hey? Ah well, ordered some Sliquid today so I'll see if that solves a problem. I can't believe it! *hangs head in shame*

Oh dear 'It's Me" that's not good new on the O My lube - I quite liked the look of that one as well. Hope the Sliquid works for you littlebird - tried it on OH but not me yet. I'm so sensitive that I think I'll do a patch test first (on me precious bit as it's okay on my hands and mouth!).

Me and my GF tried liquid silk and found it good for the intercourse but really sticky icky afterward. We prefer iGlide but i dont know if love honey stock it