Lube glorious lube!

Having recently purchased two butt plugs I'm in a bit of a pickle over what lube to use...

I'm not entirely sure on the best types of lube to use for the toy asI know some lube is damaging towards toys... I have wet platinum as an anal/general purpose lube but I'm hesitant to use it on toys since its silicone based. I'm not a fan of water based lubes as they dry up too quickly and not as slippery as their silicone based counterparts.

can anyone advise me over the best toy friendly lubes? I have quite a few and normally stick to the toy makers own brand for that make... my butt plugs are Doc Johnson so not sure if Wet would damage them.

Thank you all :)

My plugs are Doc Johnson too, and they specifically recommend using water-based lubricants, so I stick with that. If you use other lubricants, you're running the risk of damaging your plugs.

I use Maximus anal lube and I find it does really well, doesn't dry out and doesn't need a lot of re-application. People with more sensitive skin have reported occasional issued with Maximus, so if you are more sensitive than most, bear that in mind.

Personally I stick with water based and reapply as and when required. Yes Organic lube has been a constant for me this last year.

We always use a water based Lube...Liquid Silk is our prefered choice as other have said if you use anything else other than a good quality water based lube you run the risk of damaging your toys.

Also water based lubes tend to be better body wise...If however you are looking for one that lasts a little longer try one of the few Water based creams that are still available. We use Boy Butter H2O and add a little Liquid silk too together it lasts and is the right consistancy...

You could try this.. Like most anal lubes they tend to go the distance better anyway and don't breakdown as quickly...

We always use Maximus for anal play, we've not had any issues, however I do know that with some users it hhas caused some irritation.


I love Sliquid Sassy for all things anal. Tis waterbased but nice and thick and I've never had any problems with it :)

Water based is the best choice for all toy materials. Be careful with anal specific lubes (like the Doc Johnson one linked above), as these can be oil based and potentially be quite bad for your toys depending on the material. Water based is best to play it safe :)

This lovehoney own one is great, it's nice and thick yet affordable and like Sliquid Sassy doesn't contain nasty chemicals (plus water based):

Maximus caused irritation for me, was a bit thinner and needed reapplied constantly, so I'd go for the Lovehoney one over that. Heard nothing but good things about Sliquid Sassy but haven't tried it yet myself. Used regular Sliquid lubes though and they are great!

There is also this option, which you can mix to any consistency you want if you want a super thick water based lube:

Yes Lube generally:

However for anal prefer something thicker although still on the look for something with a more natural ingredients list. I’ve heard coconut oil does the trick but find oils too messy.