Hey all,

My friend has asked me to post on here as shes trying to go all the way with her BF and shes tried water based lube and KY jelly and they both sting loads......any advice? Thanks :D

A Sliquid lube like this would probably be the safest since they have very simple ingredients and no parabens.

Thanks Friday13 :D


Yes I agree- something organic and is specifically for sensitive skin would be great to consider. Sliquid is always perfect to consider

Otherwise Yes! Organic and Pjur are quite good too 

Sliquid always get's highly recommended if you're not sure about that one look for something that's glycerine and paraben free often labled as sensitive

Yes waterbased lube has many positive reviews from people that are sensitive to other lubes it doesn't cause irritation, i've used a now discontinued lube with many of the same ingredients and didn't suffer any problems with irritation

Frutopia..very good!