Magic Wand - for non-sex purposes.

Hi guys

I'm looking for advice for magic wand fans - I know they can be used for general massage/stimulation. I've just started running again, but get really bad plantar fasciitis. I'm also suffering at the mo from really bad foot/toe cramps - especially in the arch of my foot.
I'm wondering if getting a magic wand to stimulate the foot might be a good idea - but never having used one, I don't know how effective they'd be for this, or whether it wouldn't really be that useful. I don't want to spend money on something I won't use.

I realise that the added benefit would be you could use it for other areas too - but I'm specifically looking at it from a sports perspective, as I have other toys for tickling my fancy.

I have flat feet. So this leads to feet pain having no arch support. I have used my doxy wand on my feet and it sorts me right out. I also use my wand on any aching muscles. Works a treat.

Oooh, thanks SquirtyPanda! That's really good to know! I'm seriously tempted now, as I also have a 25% off offer.

Look into the wand attachments too, they're amazing! Obviously not experienced the male attachments as I am a woman lol but I hear nothing but good rep! Especially with your 25% off!

Looking right now! I'm torn between the LH mains and the USB rechargeable - wondering if the USB version is going to be as powerful. The reviews seem good (but not expecting my foot to come, even with all the best will in the word!)

Go for the mains!! It is gonna be more powerful!!

You'd be the first...!

It it just adds another dimension to a wand... The wands alone are good too

Go for the mains power! Another big fan of the Doxy here :)

Ooh, thanks everyone.
Does the Doxy have advantages over the LH one?

Cheeky_Monkey wrote:

Ooh, thanks everyone.
Does the Doxy have advantages over the LH one?

Power certainly, and design too (IMO). I asked the same question here: And there's another handy link within that thread from Friday13

Thanks Sex Squid.
Sorry, I should really have researched better before duplicating questions on the forum.
Really appreciate your response.