Make sex better for him....

I need some suggestions guys it's my fellas birthday soon & I wanna give him a night to remember..any suggestions??

No wouldn't do that, come on guys what turns men on?

Do you normally swallow?

If not then I would politely suggest that he won't forget the night when you did in a hurry.

Then there's bondage for you or him, dress up, sex toys and porn...but this may all be normal to you anyway.

As people have said to know how to make it "better" people need to know the starting point.

I know that he is happy with our everyday for 7 months sex life, I'll dress up, we have toys, I have body stockings & I'm running out of ideas.

OK, after 211 times in as many days I can see why the ideas box is getting a little empty

Have you used different locations? If not then it doesn't have to be a four poster bed in a country hotel when the woods, the kitchen table or the back of the car will be just as memorable (good job the sun has arrived at last).

I know hallelujah I was running out of indoor surfaces!! ;) good idea though I can remember him saying he enjoyed right at the beginning having sex spontaneously everywhere & anywhere, so that's definitely an option. :)

What about getting one of the games from here like the monogomy one?

Ooh you've got me interested Ill look

Id start the day by sending lots of texts to get him all hot and bothered by time he gets home

Then give him 1 sex act he really wants you to do (within limits)

Id then blind fold him and tease him until he is rock hard...

then either get on top or let him pounce... upto you really!

For our special time together we booked a hotel and bought a sex game with a bag full of toys and some beginner's bondage gear. It was really fun and refreshing. The game definitely added a new angle to how we usually do things. I couldn't believe how much he was into it- Like I wasn't able to kiss him more than was allowed lol! It really got things heated up and the scenarios you end up with are worth the wait.

I recommend Monogamy- and with it to buy some of the accessories required like massage candles, oils, alcohol even, blindfold and perhaps a flogger or spanker. =)

Monogamy game-

Extras kit- (you can buy these things separately for better value and/or quality)