Make shift items

I'm a little strapped for cash at the minute, but I want to treat my boyfriend and I to a nice evening in together.

What can I use, instead of buying new ones, as a blindfold, and some handcuffs/restraints?

I'm pretty sure a scarf or tie or something would be fine for the restraints, but not sure what would work well as a blindfold. In the past I've used a bra, and a scarf, but they left some gaps and he could see through. Any ideas? I basically want to blindfold him, maybe tie him up a little, and want to try some new techniques etc, such as temperature play during a blowjob. So, any sugestions for other things I can use for our evening would be appreciated!!

Thanks guys :) x

Hey. =)

I'm at awe at how you can use a bra as a blindfold lol. Think my partner would love to have his face wrapped around anything near boobs though lol.

I know you've been having some financial difficulties and I'm by no means well off (being a student and all) but think you'll be expecting a little bundle. (you can stop looking for ideas on a blindfold at least ;P)

Hope that's ok? x

Back on topic. The temperature idea is great,. you can have a glass of warm and cold (ice cold if you wish) water near by whilst giving him oral. A massage would be nice and using any items around the house for sensual tactile play. Like some chain, some string etc. Similar to a flogger.

my gf once tied me up and blinfolded me by using the most common things...a tie, a scarf and some stockings...what i really enjoyed when she blowed me other than the temperature play was that she had a sip of wine kept in her mouth for a tiny bit and then she sucked on me...alcohol leaves an umbelievable feeling down there...of course I had no idea how she was doing it until after we had finished...have fun :)

Nymeria that's so sweet <3

For other things, if you have a simple feather (you don't need the entire tickler), a silk scarf, something furry soft, if you have long hair try gently running that over his skin.

For temperature sensations all you need is a cup of hot water and a glass with ice cubes in.Take a sip of hot water before you give him oral, run the ice cubes over his body. I remember someone mentioned leaving a spoon in both hot and cold water and using that.

There are surprsingly quite a lot of things in everyday objects that you can use. Just take 10 mins to walk around your house picking up things and seeing how they feel against your skin or imagine how something would feel heated up or cooled down.

Hope that helps.

i dont own a single restraint or blindfold. you can make all of those easy peasy with stuff you can find around the house or repurpose from cheep ebay/ amazon items.

Amozon sells 15m of cotton rope for £1.96

old bags often have a surprizing number of D- loops and O-Rings as well as those adjustable bits and the straps from an old backpack are very stirdy.

heavy duity paper clips can be bent and covered in insulation tape to make an O-Ring Gag or bent, taped and secured with string to make a fish hook gag.

sticks from the garden or art supply shop or layers of gaffatape can make great spankers and canes

ties or large strips of cotton make great blindfolds or if you look on ebay you'll find bondage tape for under £5.

as for tempreture play, (ice isnt a great erection booster) but adrink will do fine, or mouthwash apparently. the right sort of candels (not Tlights) burn cooler than others and so will work great for wax play or as suggested, a hot drink.

Aww Nymeria thanks so much, what an absolute sweetheart! :)

Thanks for the suggestions guys. They sound great. I've been looking around the house and it is surprising what you can use. Will let you know how it goes!