Making him squirm

So the other night me and the oh were having some fun and while I was in the middle of a sucking him, I wanted a breather. This is when I licked the end and he kind of jumped and shivered at the same time. I found it quite funny and carried on. He said it didn't hurt it was just sensitive but I was happy being entertained by him squirming about.

Had this a few times, sent shivers through me, oh thought it was fun also and carried on whilst i was a quivering wreck. Cant explain why all of a sudden the sensitivity starts it just does lol

My hubby gets like this, usualy after a long oral session if i suck a little harder or hit a sensitive spot and i kinda enjoy seeing him squirm.. especially if were switch things up and i have him tied to the bed its amazingly good fun. He says its very very sensitive and intense, he cant quite cum but can if that makes sense?

Yeah I understand, I have a spot which does the same and he loves to find it and watch me squirm up the bed xx

If he really wants to do it to me he just brings out the Magic wand, geez i cant keep still with that thing its insane!!