Making OH Ejaculate

Evening all, myself and the OH are trying to help her ejaculate. We have scoured the Internet and have endless nights worth of fun trying but have failed. Can anyone recommend any tips to try and help us fulfil her Christmas wish?

Have you tried using any toys?

Hiya, there are absolutely loads of threads on this. Use the search function at the top, also the number one blog post is how to squirt.

You will find loads of tips from lots of people, it was enough to get me to squirt, so they do work :)

What Delilah said is absolutly right, this is the one that i found most usefull:

G-spot toys helped me, but mainly the use of fingers get me to gush.

My wife has her biggest O's when I go down on her and finger her anus and vagina at the same time. Her head explodes.......

I've been reading the previous threads and lost all track of time, we're going to be practicing later we'll keep trying making sure we're having fun along the way! But all help is appreciated

I'd say the most important thing is for her to be really, really relaxed. Also if she's worried about making a mess you may want to buy a plastic sheet, they keep everything dry!

The lh gspot vibrator is the only way I can squirt it is only £10 at the moment x

This might be a silly question but is there any benefit to squirting? I mean, does it make the orgasm stronger or anything? I a totes noob about it.

Tell her to abstrain from any form of sex or masturbation for 10 days or so, then do her. She will deffinitely squirt.

We tried this morning, oh was so so close but our little one woke up, we're going to keep trying, keep the suggestions coming (no pun intended)

OK, she may not feel very comfortable with big toys, but have you tried anything reasonably large up her bum? Bum sex drives some ladies crazy.

Bum is off limits we had bum fun and while ago results in her having piles :-(

martin1984 wrote:

We tried this morning, oh was so so close but our little one woke up, we're going to keep trying, keep the suggestions coming (no pun intended)

This sparks the (admittedly obvious) suggestion of get the little one out of the house, even if it's just someone taking them to the park or something rather than an overnight stay, and try again when the house is empty. I know I certainly never feel totally relaxed when our little one is in the house (even when he is in bed sleeping!) so it could be having an effect on your wife, even sub conciously?

Other than that there is only so much squirting advice out there I guess...and as you've checked out the other threads I'm not going to parrot it all back at you lol! Just patience and no long as you're both having fun then the squirt (if/when it happens) is just a bonus :)

you should try something like a wand vibrator, or something thats really strong. I normaly ejaculate when I have intence clitoral play. x