Male Chastity

Do any other members enjoy being in chastity or having someone else in chastity. I find it always makes me very frustrated but can also help to krrp my mind focused if I have a major work project on.

I find a certain pleasure in having my cock locked up

Ruffled Sheets write about his experiences with chastity in his review. You can find them here:

I have big fantasies about this but i think it is one of the things I will (prob) never experience due to the nature of my mariage/ relationship. I would love to be used as a toy and denied and locked up for a long time without being allowed to cum for say a few months at a time or so.

Combined with a remote controlled vibrating cock ring I think !

We have a couple of chastity devices (BirdLocked and Sentinal) and dabble from time to time but only for a few days. Some people seem to turn it into some sort of pole-squatting contest but neither of us can see the point in that.

It can be a very addictive fetish. Well it has been for me anyway.

The reviews for some of the cages sold on lovehoney are very informative!