Male Masturbators and strokers

ive decided that i need to get some new bits from lovehoney and ive been thinking that i need to get something to spice things up a bit and make me feel a bit more sexy and a little bit dirty to help bring my sex drive back up.

and so i thought that a toy for my bloke might do this as i have some hot dreams of him and a toy like the tenga flip or flesh light anyway i cant afforde to buy him eaither of thoes but still want to get something and ive been looking at the masturbators and strokers but i dont really have a clue what to go for, ive read reviews and looked at a few produts but i just dont know what to go for.

i know this is what i know i want from the toy

i really want to be like a fleshlight

to be able to re use it

and not to look like a mouth or arse

and it would be brillian it it would be clear, so you can watch

can anyone recomend anything or help at all?


Hiya diamonds... it's lovely for a change to see a woman looking to buy a present for a man for a change! I really don't think that you can beat the two versions of the Sue Johanson Head Honcho. The Classic clear Head Honco is only £14.99 and has over 18 reviews giving it 4*. Last year they bought out a Super Head Honcho at £16.99 which is slightly longer and also slightly tighter. The Super Head Honcho has only 3 reviews and only 3* - it is also pink so I would give the classic one a go. Hope this helps B

thanks bonny, ive been looking at the head honco and it has got really good reviews but wasnt sure bout getting it incase there was something a bit better out there?

would you say the head honco is better then the honeypot?


I've never tried either of those so I'm totally unqualified to answer, but I won't let that stop me! lol.

Just had a quick look whats out there for that kind of price range, and another one to add to the mix would be this one:

it has a similar look to the fleshlight and even advertises one of its selling points as its clear so you get a good view.

that ones above my price range £15 is the max that i want to spend really as his not really into toys soooooooo dont want to spend alot on something that might not get used much and also i just dont like the look of that one lol.

ive put the head honcho in my basket im just not sure bout hitting the buy yet :S


Understandable! Out of the other two I'd go for the head honcho too.

I was like that too, had things in my basket, then took them out, put in again, i really wasnt sure what to do as this is all kinda new to me. I think I made the right decision in the end to buy, and then join these forums (tho my boss might not like it if he found out i'm just nosying on here all day at work! lol)

The Honeypot's are ok and continue to sell well but they are a bit like a poor mans Fleshlight! Which isn't a bad thing but the material and quality is not going to be anywhere near the Fleshlight. I would personally go for the Head Honcho which is at the right price and is non realistic and clear. If your partner enjoys the Honcho then you can then maybe save up for Fleshlight for a speical bday/christmas pressie... I would keep an eye on the deal of the day as well as you never know when a bargain Fleshlight offer may appear!

thanks for th replys guys :)

ok youve all got me sold on the head honcho :P im def gonna get it!

LoveHoney - Carly wrote:

The is fantastic! I recently got one out of the packaging to measure it and it feels ammmmaazzzing! I know I'm a lady and I don't have a willy, but the bumps and nodules make me wish I had one! I also like that its clear for your viewing pleasure.

What budget have you got

For £25 you could put together a pretty awesome collection of stuff to make you and your partner feel fantastic!

Here's what I'd recommend:

Start the night off in some lingerie that makes you feel really sexy. Maybe buy a saucy (£4.99) to finish your outfit off and encourage your partner to peel it off slowly with his teeth, grrr!

Next move on to lubing him up with the tingly and tasty (£1.99) using your tongue, lips, hands and fingers to get him ready for action!

Lube up the (£14.99) with another sachet of lube and moan gently or talk dirty to him as you show him how to use it! It might be fun to get him to close his eyes and guess whether its your hands, your mouth or the working the magic on his penis.

Afterwards, whilst he's recovering, offer him a little refreshment in the form of one of the delicious (£2.99). Get him to choose his favourite position from the selection in the tin and then slip the mint in your mouth. By kissing him, you can sensually transfer the mint over and leave his lips and tongue tingling and fresh - an extra sensation for when he starts pleasing you!

Fun for under £25!

my budget is a max of £37 :( which is really making me sad cos ive got a basket that comes to £41.36 and i dont have any spare pennys in the bank to get it all :(

in my busket i have

the head honcho

the book of the month

the bang bang bunny

buzz tongue

bang bang bullet vibe (which is my 3rd lovehony toy so is free)

and a 10% discount code that runs out today, so ive got to order today!

i really want then head honcho and the bang bang bunny but if im gonna get the bang bang bunny i want to do the 3 for the price of 2 on lovehoney products.

i like the list of bits you put up carly and ive already got the durex tingle lube so could put that money towards something eles? can u add to what you recomend?

thanks once again for all your replys, i know you lot will sort me out :D


right well ive just placed my order! theres a head honcho winging its way to me! lol

thanks for all your help and ideas :D


Have fun with it and let us know the verdict when you get it! :)

I should stop reading some threads... I want one now!

lol ive just been looking at my orders and over 5 months i have spent over £110 on stuff from here :-O it works out that on avarge i spend £22 a month on lovehoney stuff :P lol. todays order has been the most expencive at just under £35.00 but ive got alot of stuff for that and you cant put a price on naughty fun orgasms LOL.

i will def review everything once weve give it all a good testing :P


I'm the same but my OH already has a fleshlight that he doesn't really use cos he finds it a bit heavy... At £14, if he doesn't use it, it's not a waste really.

diamonds wrote:

right well ive just placed my order! theres a head honcho winging its way to me! lol

thanks for all your help and ideas :D


head honcho every time for me, cheap, easy to use, easy to clean and all the more fun when my oh uses it on me, use a flavoured lube and happy days if u get what i mean

oooooooh, can you tell me the best way to clean it, ive been thinking bout that to day.


diamonds wrote:

oooooooh, can you tell me the best way to clean it, ive been thinking bout that to day.


it is very sof and pliable so is very easy to turn inside out for cleaning under the tap, or

i'll leave the other to your imagination

thanks :) and lol it will be cleaned under the tap! do you think it be ok to use the lovehoney sex toy cleaner on it? thats what i use to clean all the other toys.


diamonds wrote:

thanks :) and lol it will be cleaned under the tap! do you think it be ok to use the lovehoney sex toy cleaner on it? thats what i use to clean all the other toys.


it is sillicone so any cleaner will do, bit of warm soapy water does the job just aswell

aww thanks for letting me pick your brains :)

fingers crossed it be here tomorrow morning and so get its first testing tomorrow night and ive decided how im gonna interduce it :P


i placed two orders yesterday the one with the head honcho first and then another one for a bargain i saw in the afternoon. and royal mail only deliverd one this morning and its the one thats not got the head honcho in it! its just typial cos i had planned a sexy night in that the postie decides he can only fit one of the two boxes in his van! LOL all i keep thinking to myself is its just typical!

on a very happy note though lovehoney still is the best at taking orders and shipping them out the next day, just wish royal mail would step up a bit. (then again i shouldnt moan, its never happend before with anythig eles ive orded from here, its just cos its something i really want lol).