Male performance enhancers-any good?

Hi, I'm new to LH but just wanted to say hello and also ask if anyone has used any of the male performance enhancers before? I want to try and improve my performance for my OH and thought I'd give it a go. Read all the reviews and have gone for the Extra strong herbal capsules (red packaging). Just wanted to know if anyone else has used them and what they thought? Thanks a lot in advance.

I've also gone for a vibrating cock ring to try out too. Never used one before but want to try and spice things up a bit in my sex life.

Cock ring helps. Never used enhancers.

I've used a few and they dont really have any affect on me. Some people swear by them.

Badcc67 has it spot on. Used a cock ring for the first time on NYE, what a way to see in the new year, never had a problem with performance and erections before but man, the LH vibrating cock ring is amazing, the OH said it made things look "pretty" down there haha, from my view it did look enhanced, veins were more pronounced, shaft looked thicker, and the OH said it even felt bigger inside. As for actual performance, the engorged size does make an impact, she said orgasms from penetration were more powerful and I even managed to make her squirt for the first time via penetration, so I wholly recommend it.

Other half has used viagra and i was well impresed