Male sex toys available for testing!

Hi all,

I have a selection of products here which are in need of a review. There are a mixture of strokers, penis extenders and cock rings which we are considering stocking.

If you are willing to test a couple of products and can write honest speedy reviews please let me know!

Thanks very much

Cazz :)

Hi Cazz,

Let me know if you want me to review anything for you.

As usual, I'll upload the reviews here and publish them on my site:

Kind regards,


Hi I'm ip for testing anything you want to send always prompt with my reviews.

I'd be up for that.

We would love to review strokers and or cockrings.


I am willing to test any products you have and to give a true and honest review

I would love to test an extender!! Please let me know!!

I'd be up for that too! Let me know if you are interested.


We will review anything for you if needed as well :)

Hi Cazz.

I have yet to write a review of my toys so far, but i'm looking to change that very soon. I DO need a new stoker, as i wore the last one out, and i've never tried a cock ring. So would be very happy to use and review one :)

Great pose by the way :)


Happy to help if needed.

Happy to review cock rings and strokers. Need to add a review to my profile so this request for help has come at an ideal time.


I am very interest and happy to review some. Thanks

I'm new to reviews and have only done a couple so far.
however would love an opportunity to review some products for you

Count me in. Always up for reviewing products :)

Definitely interesting in giving some of these a go. I've reviewed some Fleshlights in the past and am always interested in trying some similar products out!

I'd be happy to test and review any of these.

Been in the testing program for a while, never been selected so I am up for that :)

Happy to undertake a review for you.

Hi cazz

I would be willing to review any cock rings you have going. Like an orgy, more the merrier.