Male sex toys, Size guides.

I have been looking at some of the mens toys and the only thing that worries me are the sizes that they can take. I have had 2 different strokers over the last 3 years. The first one split the first time i used it and the second one was so tight i coulden't even fit into it. I don't think i am that big but my other half says that i am a little on the big size.

Having just read all the reviews for the Jenga double hole there was a lot of good reviews but than at the end there was about 3 that said it was to tight for them.

Would there not be some way of putting a rough size guide. There is normaly one for the length of the hole but not one for what sort of diameter it would comfortably streach too before becoming to tight and no fun to use.

Sorry for the long thread, just putting out an idea.

Mr Badger.