Male Sounding


What is your best advice to give to someone when they say that they can’t use a sounding device as when they put the tip of the device into their urethra it’s painful? Add more lube? Patience?

I’d really appreciate any advice to forward on.

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What size are you using? Are you using steel or silicone?

Using plenty of lube, toys that are designed for sounding and nothing that is too big will help. Going slowly and not pushing the sound in is also key. Being relaxed is important as we can think ourselves into pain.

The urethra isn’t used to having objects inserted into it; ultimately it is designed as an exit, so for some people there can be discomfort the first time. Also everyone has varying levels of sensitivity and not every type of sensation is for everyone either. (Also pain threshold can be important. Sounding shouldn’t hurt if done right but where is the line between discomfort and pain)

If the person has ever had any medical issues/surgery/physical trauma in the area then sounding should be avoided.

Ultimately, sounding shouldn’t hurt and if you are doing everything right and it still does, it may not be for you (or your partner/friend/whoever you are referring to here)