Man needs advice please ladies.

Okay so I'm looking to buy some sexy lingerie for a curvy lady. Size 16 with a very big bust. Usually size 16 won't suit her bust. So and suggestions would be great thanks

I'm a Size 16 too, Love Honey have a gorgeous Bodystocking (which I reviewed) it's cupless, so boob size doesn't matter too much.

I felt very sexy wearing it.

Thanks Suzy ill take a look

What kinds of lingerie does she like? Colors, materials, types of lingerie? Any ideas?

I'm a similar size and in the same situation with chest size and these have looked good IMO.

I hope this helps. kitty x

Silly quesiton, do you have any idea what her bust size is?

It's possible to steer clear of exact sizing entirely. Were you looking for a type of lingerie in particular? If you check out these two sections:

You will find a lot of stretch type mini dresses, chemises, bodystockings etc that will stretch to fit her bust without you having to know her exact size. Don't worry about the sizes being 18+, it should give her a bit more room for her bust while stretch material will hug her curves everywhere else so it doesn't look baggy :)

She's 36H size 16

Some great suggestions thanks ladies. Now to narrow them down to a shortlist 😆

Do what i did, buy a huge selection have her do a "fashion show" then return what doesn't suit (356 day returns policy which is amazing). It's lots of fun and I was surprised at what looked good and what didn't. kitty x

Thanks kitty. I'll bare it in mind lol should be fun

Was thinking of maybe getting something for me to wear to surprise her too. Maybe a man thong or something. Or what do the ladies here like their man in?????

I'm similar in size and found this to be amazing:

can't say how it would fit on her bust though, it was fine for me but I'm 3 cups smaller.

I like this for guys but my OH would never wear it lol.

I'm personally not a big fan of thongs visually, but I've always thought the lace boxers on LH look sexy as hell:

I'm a 38H and an 18, and would strongly suggest staying away from anything with cups in for your lady friend: they are usually way out, and at best, give the quadruple boob look (not good, in case you were wondering) and at worst... well, I'll leave that to your nightmares. Even in plus sizing, they don't cater for Hs.

I second the recommendation to go for something that's specifically made for plus sizes, even though she's not: that way, she'll have room for her boobs, and even if it's a clingier style, it will skim rather than constrict. Not that I am trying to take away from LH in anyway, but there are also some cup- and band-sized babydolls on lingerie websites (I put them on "pander to me", but I suspect there's not enough market on LH) that are flattering because they fit your boobs properly, and are also sexy... They are usually between about £40 and £60, depending on the make and the site, but I have about six of those and have never managed to find anything in the plus-sized ranges on here (to my huge disappointment) that looks anywhere approaching attractive and that I can actually keep, with the exception of stockings.