Mantric p spot probe

Hi everyone so I bought this on deal last week and tried it last night I’m pretty new to anal play so the wife and I had a play and yeah it was good but I’ve got a few issues, the size of it as I’m new to this play it was a bit big for me but once the wife was gentle it went in and stayed in and I felt full lol :laughing: the vibrations were amazing but I wasn’t my usual stiffness lol and when I came it wasn’t my usual Load. So I thought I would ask you lovely people what’s the best way to use this toy and how to get more comfortable with it. Cheers x

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With prostate stimulation it is fairly normal not to have an erection or ejaculate like you would normally expect to. Orgasm and ejaculation aren’t actually the same thing.

Keep practicing with it will help you get used to both the size and the sensations. You could look for a smaller toy to use as a warm up if you want to, although as you can insert the Mantric you don’t necessarily need to buy anything else.

Keep experimenting and enjoying and don’t focus too much on what you think the end result should be.

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Thank you we do have a smaller but plug that I’ve had a few times and once I’ve had a dildo but only the once. I think it was the circumference that threw me a bit and maybe learning to relax more as it’s going in. It says on the reviews that’s it’s waterproof do you think playing with it in a hot bath would help get used to it and help me relax as it’s going In?

I don’t think a hot bath will make much difference to be honest. Relaxing your sphincter is more about mentally relaxing rather than physically.

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@Calie 's advise above is spot on, if you’re having difficulty inserting it though I would not recommend a hot bath. Lube and more lube is your friend in that department, hot water not so much.

I would recommend not starting with it, have fun beforehand and make sure you’re really turned on before anal play as the relaxation of the sphincter really is a mental thing.

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I find prostate stimulation can make you go semi soft even when you are right on the verge of climaxing. Don’t fret about it, just enjoy the feeling… the orgasms are explosive, the ejaculations not so much!

When I’m using any form of intense anal stimulation, such as pegging, I often lose my erection completely as I’m focusing so much on the anal pleasure.

One thing I did find was that my prostate was not where I thought it was. Or at least, based on the length of most handsfree prostate toys I have, you’d think it was quite a way in … were as I find I have to pull them about halfway to get any stimulation. But then it can be really overwhelmingly intense.

But then contray to that if I use

I find that its better for extra masturbation stimulation as I can really feel it just as I’m about to orgasm. I assume bits start shifting about but I suddenly start getting sensation were there were non before and its great.

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