marathon sex

How do I get my husband to do a night of marathon sex?

Have you proposed the idea to him yet? :)

If so maybe some viagra, porn to put on the TV together or take it in turns to read an erotic novel or some stories people have written and posted online.

Could both massage each other and then get down to sex. :)

That's just the sort of thing my partner and I have thought about doing when we have a day of sex. xD

Idk he claims he's too old 34 for marathon sex anymore

id go for the lil blue pills . sexy undies . some porn or ahot non porn film like secretary to start ... and watch him eat his words :p

PFFT no one is too old for that sort of thing! :P

Yeah blue pills sounds like a good idea. Maybe sit down together and have a look on here for what you could buy for the marathon?

I'm sure there would be some sexy lingerie, toys and whatever else he likes on here that would change his mind. ;)

Never too old, we have marathon sessions often, the last one was sorting all the toys, so we had a 'reminder' of how each one worked!! Took it slow, and when one felt close we calmed it down again, was fantastic.

I agree with having a look through the products, order and talk about what you'd use them for, on who, then when they arrive, enjoy :)

we are in our 50's and can still do marathon..problem is after a couple of orgasms we both think that sleep would be good now lol

We go this occasionally (my partners 43) but tend to do it when we can get the day together rather than over night as we're both to fond of our sleep.

We'll sometimes actually take the day of work together so the days kind of committed to it then and we've both had a good nights sleep. So can wake up to some nice, kinda lazy, morning sex but then have a break for breakfast. Then have a look through the toys, and back to bed but having the whole day means can just have a break whenever (have to stop for lunch anyway lol).

I would love to have marathon sex again but with 2 children under 3 I don't think it'll be happening anytime soon, perhaps a dirty weekend away is in order!

A little blue pill as mentioned wouldnt be a bad idea at all if hes gonna last all night, i myself get quite tiered after one go, just so relaxing. But i would be up for more if the marathon was planed, a whole day in bed, with drinks and the box of toys and a list of a few new ideas you know your partner wants to try.

Make it exciting and not just once, but keep it interesting! Good luck!

Hmm. Got lots to think about. Now he's claiming after going the first time he's tired and sleepy. Wtf? A hop skip and excuse may I should solo marathon lol.

When I want to have marathon sex with my boyfriend, we always start with head, and then casual sex. Then, if either of us still want to go on, we will give head to the other person and get kinkier. I always try to make him go as wild as I can. He just can't say no! What man can say no to head?

Yeah. Porn for inbetween. Get him going again with head or put your pussy in his face and demand he keeps you wet. No pills needed. Maybe so nice oil massage. Try loads of new things you haven't done really

He doesn't watch porn but will con cider other ideas. Ikr a guy who don't like sucks cause I live porn.:(

Have you considered just not letting him orgasm until you are both fully exhausted and ready to call it quits? Men often lose a lot of interest after an orgasm due to hormones released. Incorporate some tease and denial into your session and it should build in intensity and thrills throughout the session. x

Sounds like a whole lots of fun.....gonna have to try it out lol if I can stay awake hehe

If he does not want to go again he can always help you with toys, and tie up and tease. Sex isn't all about penis - in - vagina, there's lots of other stuff which is fun. Maybe have a look at something like massage to start and build up things?

A marathon session in the day would be good - so there's no excuse for feeling sleepy. you can also take breaks too, even if it's just cuddling and talking about what to do next

So true. He actually hot on it and asked me why haven't I been using my toys. I told him closeness is what I wanted and he said we could try s few sessions in near future with toys and what not...