Market Research - We Need YOU

Hey everyone

I've been having a natter with our bondage buyer today and we've been chatting about what sorts of products we might like to branch into in the future, and what we reckon will/won't sell.

Today's topic: E-Stim.

I suggested that, as you lovely lot are some of our most regular customers with a wide variety of tastes and kinks between you, you'd be the best people to give us some feedback.

So out of interest, what are your thoughts on the following kinds of products, and what would you be happy to pay for each one? We're not actually looking to stock these items, just looking for some general feedback to see whether E-Stim is an area we want to expand in.

- Full electro-stimulation kit with silicone pads which don't need replacing and uni or bi-polar connectors.

- Ribbed electro-stimulation sound.

- Lockable cock cage with electro-stimulation around and inside (urethral sound) the penis.

- Posable silicone beaded prostate massager with electro-stimulation.

Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed. 

Thank you! 

Elecric Stimulation is something that we are thinking about getting into at some time in the future.

The major stumbling block for us is the price of the kits.

So we would be looking at the elctro stimulaton kits . These we could introduce into roleplaying as well via the Nurse/Patient scenario .

Hope his helps

E-stim is something we would love try, but is a bit out of our price range to, the control boxes are not cheap, then once you add some extra bits of kit, it adds upto expensive. Sorry.

We have an E-stim kit. It is a lot of fun. We have a bipolar plug and a vaginal probe and some skin pads. I can see that it is expensive and if you don't know what it is like you would be unlikely to invest.
We tried a TENS machine and thought is had potential.

I would be happy to test any of the above items for you Jess!

- Full electro-stimulation kit with silicone pads which don't need replacing and uni or bi-polar connectors.

I would be super happy to see this, one of the most offputting things to me as a total newbie to e-stim is trying to figure out exactly what I need and when I'm going to need to replace what bits. It's all very complicated. I would love to see a complete kit including all the gels and cleaning things that you need. I'm not sure what the uni and bi-polar stuff is about but the silicone pads that don't need replacing are exactly what I would want.

I have no idea on pricing, but for a complete kit with non replaceable pads I'd be happy to pay £200-£250? More? Basically, I'd be happy to pay what the kit is worth and would be happy paying more for the silicone pads, so I'd be happy to pay more than what the current kits you stock sell for. I'd expect it to be a highly priced item (though obviously would appreciate the best value deal on it :p). I'd pay more than that if it was a properly complete kit including insertable probes, cock rings etc along with the silicone pads.

Not something the OH or I are into, I would possibly give a e-stim prostate massager ago, but certainly wouldn't spend anymore than the £100 or so associated with the current "luxury" massagers available on this site.

Sorry to answer your question in a very indirect way, but I do think you would benefit from a begginers model thats fairly cheap as i know that personally I've been intrested in E-stim but theres no way I could justify forking out the money just to try something I might not like.

For the prostate massager I guess it would depend on quality but my budget would be in the range of £40-£90. If I were ever wanting an E-stim toy and had grown myself a prostate :P

For a cage I'd probably expect it to slightly more expenisve than a normal cage but only by a max of £20-£30.

I cant use E-Stim, for medical reasons (i didnt realise this until i looked into it so im replying as a person who would be considering buying, if i could!)

i agree with whoever said about having a beginners option. Ok, its true that you get what you pay for, but i think that the price of e-stim items is too much for someone who hasnt used them before. With the money back policy its a bit risky from the sellers point of view because there may be more returns than expected. So i think a good compromise would be a cheaper alternative and those who like it may be tempted to purchase more expensive sets.

same old really, would like to try but the price is too much for something we arent sure about.

I would have a go at a

- Posable silicone beaded prostate massager with electro-stimulation.

if it were arounf the £75-£100 mark, or even less :)

Probably not something we'd be into even if it were cheaper. A bit too kinky for us at the moment.

There are cheaper alternatives out there - the fetish fantasy range for example.
I'd like to be able to get a decent kit for under a hundred big ones. Or have an initial outlay of 100 nicker and then the accessories just be that little bit cheaper. The current electrastim range, even the accessories are really expensive.
We're not into sounding, but we'd consider the others, and it's difficult to put a price without knowing exact specification, but I'd love to be able to add to my estim set for under £40. If lovehoney do their own version, I'd love for there to be an adaptor so i can use my existing kit with the lh stuff.

I don't know anything about e-stim and would be worried about getting the wrong bits so I'd be interested in a basic complete kit. As a newbie to e-stim I'd want it to be as cheap as possible. If I liked it I'd be willing to pay more for something more luxury but having no experience of it, it's just too much of a risk (and I know there is the brilliant returns policy but personally I'd feel guilty using it on something that expensive when it is something I have no idea if I'll like).

I would certainly be interested in it but a basic beginners kit would be the handiest to start off with. Love the idea of shock cock cage!

Well, despite having a high-skilled electrical engineer as a husband, I am terrified of the electricity passing thru my body. However, he says he can see the benefits both for him and for me, so for now I guess it is not excluded from our future.

For all the sensible reasons people have exposed above, such as newbies wanting to spend as little as possible until they decide it to be their thing, I would also add that anyone who understands electrical and electronical devices such as him would never spend the asking price of these items, or as he put it: he'd much rather build one himself and experiment :). It's always about value for money with us, never just about the money.

Full electro-stimulation kit with silicone pads which don't need replacing and uni or bi-polar connectors- If there was a version of this on the market, anything from £50- £100, it would be on my wishlist until I had sufficient funds :)

The rest I can't really comment on.

The thought of electricity shooting through my body in the literal sense terrifies me! Not something I'd be interested in getting - we're a bit too vanilla for e-stim!

Another vote here... Full electro-stimulation kit with silicone pads which don't need replacing and uni or bi-polar connectors.

E stim will be our next big purchase when our finances allow it. It is something we are both very keen to explore. We have tried cheaper version to see what we thought and enjoyed it.

Regards price, I wouldn't have a clue where to begin but as others have said would be nice to have a decent begineers set with the option to extend.

I do love the idea of what Sub said , having an adaptor to be able to make ranges versatile.

As a stim virgin (but keen to explore) I think all the products sound great. No idea for cost, but would rather it be a quality set of items so if that means paying more then so be it if I knew I was getting a decent item

We've not e-stim before, and probably not planning to, not just yet anyway. But ... if we ever were curious, then we'd want to start off cheaply, but not in such a way that you know if you'll end up buying a better quality kit then your original kit will become a waste of money. So what I'd like to see, is a control box thing with a basic stimulator, and the option to expand with other stimulators using the same control box. That way, no money or resources are wasted.

Lockable cock cage would be the most interesting item out of the list I would research tho not sure I would try one or not as only just tried a penis plug recently. Cost wise no more than £50. Hope this help a little.