Marks !!!!!!

Hi there my girlfriend wants me to leave marks on her skin , say to last a few days .were are not talking welts or scars here ... But she wants to fell them and be able to see them .... Any advice ? ... Ta

Hello Joe'n pixie. welcome to LH...

some people have different things that excite them, ive been out with someone that enjoyed being strangled etc. its not my thing, but up to you! just make sure you know how far your going with it all :)

If not welts or scars...
What about some kind of foodie play with something that will stain the skin, like .. Urn.... Raspberry juice or something?? You could write "property of me!" on her.. Or... Ok that's a bit stupid.. Um.... You could... Drip candle wax and tell her that if the wax doesn't stay on she will be punished....????
Or!! Or!!!! You could have something like an innocent looking bondage device, liiike a thick rubber band, that you use during sex to snap on her skin, then she has to wear it to work... To everyone else it just looks like a rubber band, but you two will know the sexy sexy truth.............

...oh man, I've been away from the forums too long,,, I've gone all....vanilla D:

Please be very very careful when not only physically spanking/whipping etc but especially when trying to leave marks even more so when those should last several days.

It can be easy enough to leave a red bum, as you can keep going until it goes red.

However, to leave marks for several days you need to tear the skin, the line between this and scaring someone can be a very fine line. She will also be a deal of pain whatever she does in these days and sitting can be an very unpleasent experience.

Mistress', Masters and Dommes have to be very careful and slowly build up as to what leaves what marks. It is not recommened for a novice to go straight into creating marks.

My suggestion would be to talk to here and make sure she is 100% certain this is what she really wants and not simply a red bum. There is a lot of difference between this and creating marks for several days. After she is sure, then I would suggest taking her to a domme of some description, one that really knows what they are doing and will not permentaly mark her or create real damage.

Please be very very careful with this, I would hate for you and/or your girlfriend to regret anything.

Thank you for the advice , we have discussed this properly and it's not on whim .... The candle wax is a good suggestion and we have enjoyed that in the past , going to try a riding crop and take are time .... Ta

Easiest way to mark someone is a bite... you can see & feel them and they are super hot! It's a good place to start as well because you can control exactly how hard you're biting and feel the sort of pressure you're putting on her skin... this isn't always possible with crops, paddles etc.

As for getting marks from spanking, a cane or crop is the easiest, and the more you hit in the same place the more quickly & easily the marks will appear. Just make sure you have a safeword in place before you get into a scene! It also takes *a lot* more to mark someone with a cane or crop than you'd think, so be prepared for an initial disappointment if she's not used to long periods of pain.

I recently had this exact conversation with my Mr, he was really reluctant to even think about at as he was worried about hurting me, after much discussion, he opened up to it a little, and neither of us have looked back since, my advise would be to start of slowly, I started getting my other half to hold my hips tighter/grip harder during ‘cowgirl’ so I could feel his hands grip then slowly started to tell him to apply more pressure, when he realised how much I enjoyed him being rougher he wasn’t so resistant. To test the waters you could start by sucking her collar bone harder see how she responds to that then gently start to nibble or bite then experimenting with pressure, communication is the key, encourage her to tell you how things feel and try not to dwell on negatives as it will only put you off trying again. Similarly you could suggest that she do the same to you (e.g. scratching) so she knows what its like to be put in the same position.

Hope this helps x

The biting is where this avenue started she likes to see the marks later turns her on , and I need little encouragement ... Thanks and will try the scratching willingly ..

This may sound a little strange but here goes....If you want marks that last a little longer how about writing on her, just single words what describe how your feeling at the time, it can be turned into a game during foreplay, or if written in a place thats easily consealed/ covered write what youd like to happen/do when you next saw her and leave both your imaginations running wild.

Hi Joe'n'pixie, from my experience it depends on how a girl's skin reacts to certain treatments. I used to have a partner who, despite occasionally giving the odd hickey (love bite) would never show any sign of this the morning after. That said, I recently had a fling with a girl and she slightly bruised for a week or so, just through breast manipulation and the occasional hickey. Both of these girls were pale of skin, so it's impossible to say that this can determine where marks are left. But I'd start by leaving a hickey, it will hurt ever so slightly and will show for a good few days, perhaps up to ten if you're lucky!

The trick is to do it just inside the cleavage line where the girl thinks it'll be on show, but when she puts her top on it's not quite. Alternatively try in the pelvis, in the 'True Blood' blood tapping area, depending on what she likes!