Massage Descriptions

The idea is to provide a virtual massage description for those that fancy it, plus maybe providing some pointers for those wanting to help their partners.

Option 1

Right. Now breathe slowly but shallowly...

*Warms hands as you do.* Vanilla scent or plain almond?

- -

Ok. *Start with gentle flat fingers curving from spine over bottom of shoulder blades. Move upwards with successive strokes. Check on pressure levels.*

- -

So... a bit harder?

*Repeats curved strokes with much more pressure. Pushes the heels of my hands either side of your spine from below shoulder-blades straight up to hairline.

Presses thumbs into flesh at top of shoulder blades and follows curves out... moves up over the flesh above, stroking out towards point of shoulder... Begins along the top of the shoulders with some reduced pressure.

Finally starts to knead with fingers in front and thumbs behind. Before returning to stroke the spine.*


- -

Very informative Al, am I to assume their will be an Option 2 to follow?

If I can find it there was one I did for Gem. But that will be harder to find because there was no fallout.

Could do with a massage right about now, muscles are achy