Masterbate in public?

whats your views?

Generally I think it would be easier for women to do it than men. Of course I really don't want to see anyone masterbating on my bus or anywhere for that matter. There is of course the fantasy of catching someone you find attractive in a quiet corner of the park on a warm summers day. But just rains a fantasy. On all honesty I'm against it.

Depends where I guess

MissPeaches wrote:

Depends where I guess


middle of tesco might be dodgy lol

And difficult (frozen foods section) where it's a bit cold...

No clubcard points either :)

lol You never know you might get tripple points

public includes me a favour and think about it eh?

You pick your place and public is way too general. Think indecent exposure. I can do without a criminal conviction thank you

The question i would have to ask myself is.... why would i want to do it in public. Fair enough having sex with someone in a public place, (in the car, layby etc....) coz your both together and its exciting and a turn on for each other? But whats turning you on to want to to masterbate in public? Plus.... I agree with Gunther.... the whole children around issue. For me.... way to dangerous. No No. x x

The title/needs more info

Because masturbating in public can be fun but only if its out of the way of kids to much could happen go wrong just because you wanted a little innocent fun.

Big no if you whip it out to have a wank Big no if you put your hands up your skirt to finger your pussy

But it can be fun to do it in secret like having hands in pockets or wearing sex toys,As long as its suttle.

So i would say it really depends on where and how you do this?

Depending on where it is. As long as it's a public place without children.

If you feel the need to masturbate in public you need help. Masturbate in the open air in private where you get the risk capture but away from children or others that will be offended is a good feeling but just be careful

oh it depends where but i like the safety of my room lol no chance of getting caught

to a couple above posters, although some extra info in the original post could have been wise there's no need to be judgemental. If it was a post on fooling around in the cinema you wouldn't jump in assuming they meant during a matinee showing of Ice Age would you?

i prefer to keep that sort of thing in private places where i wouldn't get caught. also public place is a little vague, do you mean somewhere quite with little chance of getting caught or seen or somewhere more risky? either way i think i'll stick to my bedroom.

used to masturbate when we were away on holiday - usually when having a picnic in a quiet place. After lunch we would be lying back having a rest and I would start - never realised my husband was watching me .

After a few days he told me how much it turned him on and asked me to continue to do that when we were together and I felt arroused.

He would just quietly stand / kneel beside me and watch and as I came close to climax would just hold me and cuddle me - fabulous experience.

Sometimes he would then take me - foreplay then was short as we were both ready and his climax was great then - certainly if I masturbated first it was quick but very very satisfying.

Never did it at home though - never understood why

I kinda understand the thrill. The risk of getting caught etc but being honest, public sex/masturbation does not thrill me. Having been on the receiving end of witnessing 2 men wanking publically and purposefully trying to be seen (Not at the same time lol) I found it uber creepy, intrusive and just un-nerving to be honest. This made me think: "If I get creeped out by this, surely someone catching me will be creeped out too"

I am not sure if some people think that because THEY are horny and getting some sexy times that this means anyone catching them at it will go WHEYYY NICE ONE, but really that doesnt happen does it? Surely most peeps, especially women on their own would get a little creeped out if witnessing a man wank in public? Wouldnt most people feel a little un nerved if they caught a couple or a person alone in a sexual act? Does this mean that the thrill is in creeping people out? lol

Nah sorry, not for me. I have kids too (Ironically I witnessed one of my two public wankers when I was about 13 and it scared the shit out of me at the time too) so nope. My partner is really into the idea of having sex in public. I just don't fancy the idea.

On the other hand. I quite fancy being watched by people who know whats happening and want to be part of it. (Swinging etc) Thats fine with me and the idea is a turn on

I agree with

I agree with fluffbags I've seen men do it in public and its not nice!