Masturbation for the mrs

hi my parntner and i enjoy watching each other please there selves but its starting to be repetative and would like to spice it up is there any different techniques i could do to put on a good show any tips would be usefull


hi and welcome!

here's a good tip:

tie your partner to a chair and make them watch you playing - it will drive them crazy not being able to satisfy themselves!

I am not sure if you are man or woman. If woman, yehah do what Lois says, witch sounds quiet kinky and nice. Not sure it would be the same, with the woman tied on the chair, watching her man wank?

hi and welcome to the forum!

i like what LG said its sounds like a good idea.

Another variation on a theme, is if one of you is tied to the bed whilst the other sits on top, almost straddling their chest, and masturbates.

My OH and I enjoy this one regardless of who is in which position, sometimes with the addition of some toys, and sometimes teasing the other from time to time.

We do it to catch the other one out as it turns us both on so i will be doing it when she comes in and she has also done the same to me. Very sexy and you forget any of the rubbish you have had to deal with