Masturbation May

Is anyone else participating in Masturbation May. I am at 100% so far, trying for a something different or location every day. Getter harder as the month progresses though


Completely forgot about it… Two sessions a day until the end of the month will have me caught up. :rofl:


Ah,forgot about it but,either had sex every day so far (usually involving some mutual masturbation) or indeed rubbed one out on the other days.Had a brilliant session last night home alone with 4 realistic dildoes and vibrators leading to a shattering climax,so so intense.Will now try and complete the month for sure.

Didn’t know about this

Probably wait til Anal August now, if that’s a thing

If it isn’t it should be :joy:


That’s it. I’m doing Anal August!


I’ve been an active participant let’s just say.

Didn’t know this was a thing :sweat_smile:

I like to bring this up to my wife. She was very reluctant to masturbate in front of me for quite a while. She has since given in and we’ve had fun with it. I feel she holds back in front of me still. I use this to more openly talk about it with her and occasionally she’ll tell me when she’s had a good session!

I’ve been partipating in it and started writing about it on my side blog (accessible through linked site) but kind of hit a slump after the passing of my uncle and 11th wedding anniversary this week. I normally “spoil” myself on a Saturday night but I crashed out last night instead :joy:

Nevermind, no time like the present to get back on track :wink:


Celebrated tonight by enjoying an amazing anal masturbation session. Started with the sex machine pleasuring me to warm up and get in a horny mindset.

Enjoyed this for a while and then pulled out the njoy wand, slipping it into my bum. Stimulated myself to over 10 pspot orgasms. So so pleasurable.

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